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We continue to add new coffees to our extensive selection for you to experience and enjoy. We'll do this either when we come across one we feel is really special and worth including or by creating our own blend. So do check this page on a regular basis or sign up to our newsletter and we'll email you details of our new coffees and special offers.
Cappuccino (Flavoured Coffee)
[star-value] Stars 5 Review(s)
Rich, creamy, deliciously smooth and so light to reflect a café style cappuccino.
from From: £3.25
Chocolate & Black Cherry (Flavoured Coffee)
[star-value] Stars 5 Review(s)
Silky smooth milk chocolate and the subtle sweet taste of black cherry.
from From: £3.25
Dominican Republic Barahona
[star-value] Stars 3 Review(s)
Caramel & Vanilla upfront with a sweet Cane Sugar Body with hints of Almonds and a lovely Warm Caramel Aftertaste.
from From: £4.25
Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Banko Gutiti
[star-value] Stars 3 Review(s)
Intense Bergamot flavour initially with a creamy stoned fruit body and strong dark chocolate aftertaste.
from From: £4.95
Finca Chanjul Lion Boy (Out of Stock)
[star-value] Stars 2 Review(s)
Lemon and Chocolate upfront, Apple and Caramel through the body with a smooth sweet aftertaste.
from From: £3.95
Flor Silvestre
[star-value] Stars 3 Review(s)
Caramel initially followed by Dark Chocolate and hints of Lemon and a lingering Almond aftertaste.
from From: £3.95
Guatemala Pacamara
[star-value] Stars 4 Review(s)
Instantly Orange upfront with a milk Chocolate body & Maple finish.
from From: £4.45
Mexican SWP DeCaf
[star-value] Stars 3 Review(s)
Green Apple initially with Cocoa notes through the body has a lovely creamy walnut finish.
from From: £3.25
[star-value] Stars 7 Review(s)
Tangerine initially with a Cocoa and Cherry body and a Lovely Buttery Cocoa aftertaste.
from From: £4.95

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