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Product Description

100% Arabica


Perfect for: Cafetiere / Filter / Espresso

Strength: Full Medium

Type: Speciality - Origin

Region: Vilcabamba - Ecuador

Filter/Cafetiere: Tangerine upfront with cocoa nib and hints of cherry through the body and a lovely buttery cocoa aftertaste.

Espresso: Tangerine initially with a Cocoa and Cherry Body and a lovely buttery cocoa aftertaste.

Small Holder Farmers

Ecuador - Vilcabamba

Harvested June - October

Tree Variety
Bourbon, Caturra & Typica

Fully Washed

1400 - 1500 masl

For Filter / Cafetiere

Brew ratio: 1:16. 18 grams of coffee to 350 millilitres of water. Temp of Water 93 degrees. Brew for 3 - 5 minutes.

Full Medium Roast colour spectrometer profile 114.

Aroma Notes: Tangerine & Cocoa.

Tasting Notes: Tangerine upfront with cocoa nib and hints of cherry through the body and a lovely buttery cocoa aftertaste.

Tactile Note: Well balanced with a mild acidity with an amazing sweetness and a lasting aftertaste.
Works well all day, best served black with no sugar or milk.

For Espresso

Brew ratio: 1:2. 16 grams of coffee to 32 millilitres of water. Temp of Water 92 degrees.

Full Medium to Full Medium Roast colour spectrometer profile 114.

Aroma Notes: Cocoa & Cherry.

Tasting Notes: Tangerine initially with a Cocoa and Cherry Body and a lovely buttery cocoa aftertaste.

Tactile Notes: Mild acidity with a medium body and creamy mouthfeel. Enjoy all day as an Espresso or Flat White to really enjoy the flavours of this truly special coffee!

In the south of Ecuador, on an idyllic plateau surrounded by the mighty Andes Mountains lies the small village of Vilcabamba. From Quechua, the language of the Inca, the name translates as “Holy Valley”.

This place is especially blessed; – nowhere else in the western world are more people who grow as old as this, and enjoy the best of health at the same time. Generations of scientists and doctors have tried to solve the secret of longevity in Vilcabamba. Some thought that the water from the rivers Vilcabamba and Chamba had a medicinal influence, whilst other considered the stable and mild climate with temperatures between 18 and 22 degrees responsible.

Located at around 1500 meters above sea level, the incredibly good air is supposedly cleaned by a mystical plant named “Hilo”. This plant provides a possible explanation for the extraordinary strength of the people. A clear explanation however has never been found.

The only certain thing is that in this tranquil and serene location visitors from all over the world come to rest, forget their daily stresses, and allow themselves to be infected by the harmony and joy of the people of Vilcabamba.

The cultivation of coffee has a long tradition for the people of Vilcabamba. On the mountain slopes of this magical place, the small farmers of Vilcabamba grow the very best Arabica coffees. For them this drink is a small luxury.

During the harvest, between June and October, the families pick the ripe red cherries and clean the beans in the water of the nearby Mountain Rivers. Then the coffee is slowly sun dried and hand sorted. Thus a coffee of extraordinary quality is created.

Only small quantities of this coffee are produced each year as it is cultivated primarily through manual labour and family businesses. Freshly roasted and prepared, the Vilcabamba impresses the connoisseur firstly with its fresh, slightly fruity tones and again with a long lasting soft but yet intense coffee aroma.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: (2021) Ade from High Wycombe   5 Stars

Great service, great coffee... What else can I say?

Reviewer: (2021) Stephen from    5 Stars

I have purchased and enjoyed TLOC coffee for some years. The service and reliability are second to none. I find no reason to use other merchants. This is why I have been able to recommend the business to friends and family here and overseas. Great service, great coffee, great times. Thank you TLOC.

Reviewer: (2021) Manuel from Stirling   5 Stars

I purchased Ecuador’s Vilcabamba coffee (ground and beans) for family and friends Christmas presents and really enjoyed it. Excellent product and excellent service! Thank you!

Reviewer: (2020) Colin from Scotland   5 Stars

Best online coffee company I have found great range of coffee.

Reviewer: (2020) Steve from Carmarthenshire   4 Stars

First time customer of The Love Of Coffee. I ordered a sample selection of several coffees and am trying them to see what, if any, suits. Although I can't review any of the selection as yet, I can give 4 stars for the service. Many thanks.

Reviewer: (2020) Peter from Essex   5 Stars

Great coffees, great service, first class company; the only supplier to use for coffee!

Reviewer: (2020) Alina from London   5 Stars

Very satisfied with the choice and service.

Reviewer: (2020) Stephanie from Devon   5 Stars

Ordered a range of bean coffees. Arrived quickly. Coffee is delicious and we have enjoyed experimenting.

Reviewer: (2019) Frances from Liverpool   5 Stars

I purchased a variety of Coffee beans as a birthday gift for my hard to buy for elder son. Extremely fast delivery with reasonable charge. He is more than delighted with them. I get regular photos of the different beans and a far he has enjoyed all of them!

Reviewer: (2019) Steve from Birmingham   5 Stars

Lovely coffee but wish the bag was resealable.

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