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Indonesian Raja Batak | Speciality Coffee | Next Day Delivery

Raja Batak - Indonesia

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Product Description

100% Arabica

Raja Batak  

Perfect for: Cafetiere / Filter / Espresso

Strength: Full Medium

Type: Speciality, Origin

Region: Indonesia - Sumatra

Filter/Cafetiere: Raspberry initially with Dark Chocolate through the body and All Spice in the aftertaste.

Espresso: Strong Raspberry initially with a heavy Dark Chocolate body with hints of Spice and Caramel in the aftertaste.

Various Small Holder Farmers

Indonesia - Sumatra

Harvested October - March

Tree Variety
Catimor & Typica

Fully Washed

1000 – 1600 masl

For Filter / Cafetiere

Recommended Dose: 20 grams of coffee to 320 millilitres of water. Temp of Water 94 degrees.

Aroma Notes: Raspberry Fruit with hints of Dark Chocolate.

Tasting Notes: Raspberry initially with Dark Chocolate through the body and spice in the aftertaste.

Tactile Note: Distinct flavour notes, with a bright body and rich clean finish make this a fantastic all day coffee. Though perfect for after dinner or with breakfast.

For Espresso

Recommended Dose: 16 grams of coffee to 32 millilitres of water. Temp of Water 94 degrees.

Aroma Notes: Raspberry, with undertones of Dark Chocolate and Spice.

Tasting Notes: Strong Raspberry initially with a heavy Dark Chocolate body with hints of Spice and Caramel in the aftertaste.

Tactile Notes: Superb flavour notes with depth and complexity has a clean finish. Perfect as an early morning espresso or after dinner with friends. Best enjoyed black with no milk or sugar.

The Raja Batak Lintong is a semi-washed (hand-pulped) arabica coffee produced in North Sumatra, west of Lake Toba at a height of 1,000 to 1,600 meters above sea level. A coffee with a heavy body, slight acidity, syrupy flavor and tones of dark chocolate. The Raja Batak is only available in limited quantities.

Raja Batak stands for 'King of Batak'. The Batak are a number of in-between related ethnic groups with their own language in Northern Sumatra. The most common known group within the Batak are the Toba Batak. The Batak most probably left the Philippines and Borneo approximately 3 to 4 thousand years ago for the highlands of North Sumatra. According to Toba legends Si Raja Batak, the mythical ancestor of all Batak, came down from the Central Mountain west of Lake Toba a long time ago and decided to settle their due to the beauty of the area. According to scientists Lake Toba arose more than 70 thousand years ago as a result of a mega volcanic eruption which clouded the earth for many years. The lake measures 100 kms in length and 31 kms in width and has a depth of more than 450 meters. The area is most suitable for the production of a high quality of coffee due to its climate and the fertility of its soil.

As stated above the Lintong Raja Batak – honey processed is a hand-pulped (semi-washed) arabica coffee. Hand-pulped means in this specific case that the coffee is pulped by the smallholder immediately after picking. Normally the mucilage is washed off by the smallholder either immediately or shortly after hand-pulping takes place. With our honey processed Raja Batak Lintong this is not the case. After hand-pulping the mucilage is not washed off by the smallholder, the coffee is dried with the mucilage still present on the beans. The result of this way of processing is that the coffee’s cupping characteristics are more intense, adding sweetness to the cup.

Drying often takes place in front of the farmer’s house on plastic tarps. The smallholders supply their coffee to our processor who hulls the coffee in a semi-wet state (40-42% moisture). This way of processing – in stages – gives the coffee beans their famous bluish green appearance and this way of processing is claimed to be the main contributor to the heavy body / low acidity characteristics Indonesian semi-washed arabica coffee is known for. This wet hulling is called ‘giling basah’ which literally means 'wet grinding' in local Bahasa. After hulling, the wet coffee beans (then called ‘kopi labu’), are dried until they reach an average moisture level of 17-18% at which stage the coffee beans (then called 'asalan') are often moved to a warehouse in or near to the port of shipment where the coffee is made export ready (final drying to max 12.5% moisture, sorting, handpicking and then bagging).

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: (2021) Sid from London   5 Stars

Fantastic Raja Batak ... Very happy with it.

Reviewer: (2017) Rhiannon from London   5 Stars

Really quick delivery and lovely coffee - great service!

Reviewer: (2017) Lynda from Surrey   5 Stars

As always, great speedy service and superb coffee. Thank you.

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