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Origin Coffees Selection Pack

Our Price: £9.95
Product Description

100% Arabica

Origin Coffees 4 Bag Selection Pack

Over 30 Single Estate Coffees To Choose From

1. Choose any four from the Origin coffees from the drop down boxes above.
2. Choose the bag weights that best suit your needs.
3. Then choose either roasted beans or the grind you require.

For more details on each coffee click on the images below.

strength: full medium
strength: full medium

strength: medium
Costa Rica
(Organic & Fairtrade)

strength: medium
strength: medium

strength: medium
Ethiopian Harrar

strength: medium

strength: medium

strength: medium

strength: medium
(Organic & Fairtrade)
strength: medium

strength: full medium or very strong
Hue Hue

strength: full medium
Indian Monsoon

strength: strong or very strong
Kenya AA
strength: medium

strength: full medium
strength: medium
Mocha Djimma
(Organic & Fairtrade)
strength: full medium
strength: full medium
Papua New Guinea
(Organic & Fairtrade)
strength: medium
(Organic & Fairtrade)
strength: full medium
Ling Tong

strength: medium or strong

strength: medium or strong
strength: medium
strength: medium
Old Brown

strength: strong

strength: medium
Monte Christo

strength: full medium
Elimbari AA

strength: full medium
Colombian San Agustin
strength: medium

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews
Write a review and share your experience to help other customers at The Love Of Coffee!

Reviewer: (2018) John from Tyne And Wear   5 Stars
As yet have not tried all coffee bought. The ones I have tried have been very good. Will certainly order again. Thank you.

Reviewer: (2018) Dario from Leamington Spa   5 Stars

Reviewer: (2018) Graham from Worcestershire   5 Stars
Have used this great company on several occasions but this time they surpassed them selves - ordered one day received the next!! Thanks again.

Reviewer: (2018) Patricia from Lincolnshire   5 Stars
Very quick delivery, easy to order and well packed, web site really useful in deciding what origin to purchase.

Reviewer: (2018) Adrian from London   5 Stars
One big problem with making coffee at home on a stove-pot is that you have to go through an entire bag of coffee before you get a change in what you're drinking. With the Love of Coffee selection pack (four 100g foil-sealed bags), there's enough coffee to enjoy a flavour but you also get the fun of trying a new flavour fairly regularly. The price is competitive and the bags neatly packaged. My personal favourite so far is the Papua New Guinea, rich without being harsh and some lovely berry/vanilla flavours.

Reviewer: (2018) Angela from Devon   5 Stars
This is my second order. I love percolator coffee, which has become very difficult to find on the high street. I was amazed how quickly they arrived considering it was just before Christmas! Coffees are accurately described, well packaged and fresh. The first purchase was a selection pack, I mixed the left overs from each packed and it still tasted really good! It would be helpful to have the coffee strength numbered on the packets (for those of us who forget after ordering). Very tasty coffee delivered promptly to your door, you can't ask for more. Will certainly be purchasing my coffee from here in the future.

Reviewer: (2018) Peter from Brentwood   5 Stars
Superb coffee , good prices and excellent service from point of order to receipt of coffee. Many Thanks to a company that deserves great success.

Reviewer: (2018) Bill from Northamptonshire   5 Stars
Arrived promptly exactly as described.

Reviewer: (2017) Peter from Shropshire   5 Stars
The package arrived really quickly and was well wrapped. We've only tried the Kenya AA as yet but so far so exceedingly good.

Reviewer: (2017) David from Cheshire   5 Stars
I had never heard of the company till I did a Google search for getting good ground coffee. So, I splashed out for the £9.95 four-pack. Boy was I glad I searched. The service was good, and fast. The quality of the coffees though is amazing. I started with Tanzanian and today opened the Kenyan AA. Both coffees tasted really good. Light on the tongue, and enough bite that shows you are not drinking freeze dry stuff. I will certainly be back for more, except having done some reading it may well be beans this time. After I buy a grinder.

Reviewer: (2017) Heather from Benbecula, Scotland   5 Stars
Really gorgeous coffees. Brilliant fast service. Excellent. Thank you.

Reviewer: (2017) John from Norfolk   5 Stars
Beans arrived in quick time and good condition. I shall be returning for more when current supply is exhausted.

Reviewer: (2017) Allan from East Ayrshire   5 Stars
"Faultless". Great coffee choices and and clear descriptions.

Reviewer: (2017) Andy from Oxford   5 Stars
Having placed the order online, the coffee arrived within 4 days. Perfectly dispatched. Unfortunately, there was an error with the items delivered. However, I contacted them and the service couldn't be faulted as the amended order arrived the next day - 1st class customer service. Pricing is competitive - having moved away from Whittards and so far the coffee has been great. I can't fault them. If the rest of the coffee is of the same standard, no complaints from me.

Reviewer: (2017) Gavin from Kent   5 Stars
Great choice of coffee with detailed information. Speedy delivery as ever.

Reviewer: (2017) William from Rochdale   5 Stars
Excellent service with fast delivery. Very good quality coffee and excellent taste. Ground as required.

Reviewer: (2017) Ian from Fife   5 Stars
Excellent coffee, great service.

Reviewer: (2017) Gayle from London   5 Stars
Very pleased with the quick delivery time, quality of the coffee and great to have such a selection. I feel that the value for money was also good and gave you a chance to try 4 different origin coffees without breaking the bank. I especially like the Zambian coffee (filter grind) and will be buying a larger size soon.

Reviewer: (2017) Peter from Brentwood   5 Stars
Great coffee, excellent service, good price - a winning combination!

Reviewer: (2017) Jan from Gosport   4 Stars
Order received in time for Christmas, but took longer than I expected - probably down to the volume at that time of year! Coffee was given to my son in law who has enjoyed trying the 4 different packs I gave him. I liked the ability to order taster packs and would order again.

Reviewer: (2017) TJ from Scotland   5 Stars
First time ordering and couldn't be happier. Superb service, great selection and the quality is excellent. Thanks!

Reviewer: (2017) Helen from Romford   5 Stars
Efficient and quick. Coffee tastes great.

Reviewer: (2017) Tom from Ashford   5 Stars
Excellent product and very fast delivery. Would highly recommend.

Reviewer: (2017) Katharine from Kent   5 Stars
Excellent beans. Simple to choose and order. Well packaged and swiftly delivered. Loved the thought behind a delayed delivery date for Christmas to ensure optimum freshness. My go to coffee.

Reviewer: (2016) Marie from Bucks   5 Stars
Great way to try different coffees - absolutely loved the Guatemala coffee- organic and fairtrade. Great taste, no bitterness, just smooth and enjoyable.

Reviewer: (2016) James from South Devon   5 Stars
As usual - the order was delivered very promptly. The beans l selected to taste were all delicious in their own particular way - it is a great convenience to be able to buy small quantities and a real pleasure slowly narrowing down my favourite bean - lots to go through yet - I'll get there in the end.

Reviewer: (2016) Zaye from Maidstone   5 Stars
Wonderful coffees with superb flavours. Would highly recommend.

Reviewer: (2016) Lewi from Hampshire   5 Stars
So, having a love of coffee and tired of 'pods' got myself an aeropress and a decent espresso machine to fill my boots with the real McCoy...decent kit...check! Now for some proper coffee...!! Simply put, this is where you will find it!! Bought 4 small bags with 3 types of single origin beans, well packaged, high quality and roasted to order..they arrived very quickly and I rapidly ground some for the aeropress and was soon in coffee heaven. I`ll definitely be a regular, there's an abundance of choice and the service and quality is great...try! You won't be disappointed!!

Reviewer: (2016) Simon from Worcestershire   5 Stars
Excellent choice and excellent service. Already recommended to my family and friends. Will be buying all my beans from here in the future.

Reviewer: (2016) Ian from Norfolk   5 Stars
Excellent service once again and excellent product. Great value for money.

Reviewer: (2016) Angela from Kent   5 Stars
My sons drink a lot of coffee and are enjoying the selection of coffees I ordered from them. It amazed me on the delivery time as was with us in 2 days.

Reviewer: (2016) Nickie from West Yorkshire   5 Stars
All the coffees I've tried so far have been delicious.

Reviewer: (2016) Michelle from Surrey   5 Stars
The website was very easy to navigate. This was bought as a gift. It was delivered in a couple of days packaged very well. Great to have a large selection to choose from. Would definitely recommend and will purchase again. Thanks.

Reviewer: (2016) Mrs Townsend from Harrow   5 Stars
Prompt service, quick delivery, only one packet tried so far, excellent.

Reviewer: (2016) Michael from Lancaster   5 Stars
I bought a selection of four coffees for my wife as a gift. She has yet to sample these coffees. However she has enjoyed previous coffees and likes to compare the many different varieties which you have on offer. Each is excellent in its own way. Thank you also for your prompt delivery of my order. Your efficient service is much appreciated.

Reviewer: (2016) Iain from Liverpool   5 Stars
Excellent quality and hassle free purchases. Came highly recommended and I've not been disappointed!

Reviewer: (2016) Arnold from County Durham   5 Stars
Excellent coffee. Very fast delivery. Recommended.

Reviewer: (2016) David from Elgin, Scotland   5 Stars
This the second time I've ordered the selection pack. Both times the delivery has been prompt and I have not been disappointed with the product. This is an excellent way to find the ideal coffee for your taste. I have to say that I have two coffee makers which make the coffees taste slightly different. I have an aeropress to make espresso and a filter machine to make drip coffee. I've been buying beans and I grind them using a hand grinder. All the coffees are very good but I'm especially fond of the Monte Christo Estate beans.

Reviewer: (2016) Mark from Essex   5 Stars
Swift & efficient service and the coffee was pretty good too!

Reviewer: (2016) Sophia from Greater London   5 Stars
Quick delivery. I purchased the 100g x 4 coffee bundle whereby I chose my 4 coffees. Had them ground as I didn't have a coffee grinder then. Recently purchased a coffee grinder so the next order I will be buying coffee beans. Thank you for your great website, well setup, easy to browse with lots of info on the types of coffee.

Reviewer: (2016) Catherine from Gateshead   5 Stars
This company is a real find! I bought a pack of 4 different origin coffees recently and am loving the variety of coffee experience it offers. I would definitely recommend this company to other coffee fans.

Reviewer: (2016) David from Moray   5 Stars
What an excellent way to try out new coffee.

Reviewer: (2016) Wojtek from London   5 Stars
Fast delivery and amazing coffee. Highly recommended.

Reviewer: (2016) Rob from Wirral   5 Stars
If you love coffee, this company is aptly named. Delicious coffee beans at a good price with great turnaround. I will use this service again and again - thanks.

Reviewer: (2016) Julie from Brighton   5 Stars
This is the third time i have ordered from the love of coffee and am pleased with the service and quality of coffee. I like the fact that you can order small amounts if you wish and have any 4 products for £9.95, really good value and i am working my way through all the different coffees to see which i prefer.really good and varied choice, so will keep on ordering.

Reviewer: (2016) S from South West   5 Stars
Four lovely coffees delivered next day. An affordable way to try a selection of good quality coffees.

Reviewer: (2016) Ann from Norfolk   5 Stars
A 5 star service in every aspect. I confess we have only tasted two of the coffees we ordered so far but we are delighted with those and eager to try the others. I really don't think I shall need to buy coffee from anywhere else!

Reviewer: (2016) Martin from Chepstow   5 Stars
Consistently good in products and service.

Reviewer: (2016) Stuart from Manchester   5 Stars
Superb service, excellent choice of coffees and delivered very quickly. Good price too. Particularly like the selection packs offer, giving you the opportunity to try several coffees in one order.

Reviewer: (2016) Nick from Hampshire   5 Stars
Great coffee, 100% service, will use next time and thank you.

Reviewer: (2016) Maggie from Norwich   5 Stars
Bought a selection of coffee beans as a gift. Arrived quickly & well packaged to maintain freshness. Spoke to a really helpful lady in customer services who was very friendly and gave some sound advice. Will definitely be using this company again.

Reviewer: (2016) Derek from Chesterfield   5 Stars
I found the coffee selection very extensive. The ordering procedure was very straight forward and quick. The delivery of my order was prompt and on time. Overall the company were very professional whilst retaining a personnel touch. I would recommend dedicated coffee drinkers to try out The Love of Coffee.

Reviewer: (2016) Mike from Bristol   5 Stars
Delivered fast and the aroma was simply intoxicating. A great present for coffee lovers. Excellent product and service.

Reviewer: (2016) Angela from Norwich   5 Stars
Lovely choice of coffees. Variety ordered to try and thus far are very good. Arrived promptly and will definitely use again.

Reviewer: (2016) Jacqueline from Northern Ireland   5 Stars
Very fast efficient service. Coffee smells great. Great gifts for coffee lovers.

Reviewer: (2015) Barrington from Wiltshire   5 Stars
Great service, excellent selection, beautiful coffee. Highly recommended.

Reviewer: (2015) Stuart from Bolton   5 Stars
Superb service. Good price, informative descriptions on the website & prompt delivery. Will be using again.

Reviewer: (2015) Martin from Gloucestershire   5 Stars
Excellent range, reasonable prices and fast service - why shop for coffee anywhere else?

Reviewer: (2015) Martin from Rotherham   5 Stars
Easy to use website and great choice. Kept updated with order status and came very quickly. Coffee is excellent have ordered from other sites but always some problem so I think Ive found my new supplier.

Reviewer: (2015) Allan from East Ayrshire, Scotland   5 Stars
2nd time I've ordered coffee. Great company to deal with. No hassles and easy, user friendly site with lots of options to suit me. Quality coffees with good value and clear descriptions of full coffee range Currently trialing 4 x100 gram bags - great system for me. Already selecting my favourites for bigger bags of favourite for next order.

Reviewer: (2015) Kenneth from Edinburgh   5 Stars
Excellent, polite and helpful service. Very quick delivery. Excellent coffee.

Reviewer: (2015) Christine from Bournemouth   5 Stars
I always order from this company as the coffee is of excellent quality and the delivery is very quick.The African coffee is particularly good.

Reviewer: (2015) Christine from Berkhamsted   5 Stars
We couldn't find a decent instant coffee and decided to use our cafetière once again. Great idea to have a starter pack as we can try different ones until we have a favourite. Excellent service and kept informed about out of stock. Quick delivery. Great company to deal with.

Reviewer: (2015) Anne from Hildenborough, Kent   5 Stars
Absolutely brilliant coffee for percolator will be ordering more before to long.

Reviewer: (2015) Lisa from Essex   5 Stars
Excellent service, especially the Old Brown Java. More orders to come, Thanks.

Reviewer: (2015) Neil from London   5 Stars
Order turned up very quickly and coffee was great. I ordered an Origin selection pack. Will order again because its very convenient and much better than anything you can get in the supermarket.

Reviewer: (2015) Irina from Hitchin   5 Stars
Excellent service, arrived very quickly and well packaged. Will definitely order again :)

Reviewer: (2015) Maire from Brentford   5 Stars
Fantastic service. Prompt next day delivery. Great quality coffee, wonderful having such a huge variety of beans to choose from, including fair trade options. Look forward to buying again.

Reviewer: (2015) Ian from East Yorkshire   5 Stars
Order was dispatched very quickly (as usual!). This selection included: Colombian Excelsior (still to try), Sumatran Organic Fairtrade (still to try) Sumatran Ling Tong (strong) - a repeat order that's become a favourite, earthy and full taste. Use it for espresso and cappuccino. Old Brown Java - another repeat order, never had Old Brown Java I have been disappointed with - like the full flavour.

Reviewer: (2015) Jason from Norfolk   5 Stars
A great cost effective way to order coffee and to ensure its freshness as the 100g packets are not open for too long. The Monsoon Malabar is the best roast I've tested against other online retailers and my firm favourite. The Maragogype is delicious. Well packaged and arrives quickly. Keep up the good work.

Reviewer: (2015) Roger from Devon   5 Stars
Absolutely, Wonderfully, Superbly, Fantastically, Marvellous to get a great choice of coffees to consume in the freedom of my own indulgences. Within just 90 minutes of receiving the delivery, I had indulged in an Espresso of Five of the Twelve different tastes I had ordered and am now "As high as a kite" on caffeine. Having 1.2kg of coffee and twelve different flavours/tastes to choose from, it will be a while before I order anymore but, order I WILL. It is now almost 8 hours since the delivery and three friends are now also enjoying their own indulgences, whilst my Espresso machine is "working over-time". YES, We Have "The Love of Coffee".

Reviewer: (2015) Richard from Bridlington   5 Stars
If i were to give a review of the service offered by this company, I'd say you couldn't do any better. They are courteous, helpful and incredibly efficient. I ordered very late in the day on a Friday which obviously meant my coffee couldn't be processed and sent until the Monday, and it arrived promptly on the Tuesday all well packaged and well looked after. I selected a range of coffees mainly based on the fact that i hadn't tried them before, but I couldn't help throwing in an Ethiopian one (Mocha Djimme) as Ethiopian coffee is my first love! I also selected some Formosan Oolong Tea, another love of mine. In terms of the coffees themselves, the Mocha was superb as it was always going to be. The Hue Hue Tenango was an interesting one. I would say it's a good all round coffee, doesn't have any strong characteristics in any particular area, but is an excellent flavour with a great mouth feel and is pretty good any time of the day. The Papua New Guinean is strong, rich, chocolatey, smooth and very dark, yet without a hint of bitterness, a fantastic after dinner coffee with just a touch of fruity acidity to cleanse the old taste buds. The one which was a bit of a let down was the Zambian. I've read that there are two groups of coffee producers in Zambia, the genuine small independent producers who are responsible for some of the greatest and most fragrant coffees in the world, but then there are the multinationals who to some degree take advantages of the low productions costs offered by this country. I may be wrong, but I suspect this coffee must have been from the latter as it was flat, lacking in flavour and had very little at all in the way of mouth feel. This of course isn't the fault of this website, they sell an amazing mixture of coffees from an amazing mixture of origins, and you can't love em all.

Reviewer: (2015) Kay from Scotland   5 Stars
Thank you for excellent service. The coffee was well packed and arrived when I expected it. I haven't tried all the coffees in the selection pack yet, but thoroughly enjoyed the first ones I made.

Reviewer: (2015) Laura from Harrogate   5 Stars
I'm not a coffee drinker but for Christmas I bought my other half a gadget called an Aeropress and wanted some nice coffee to go with it. Not knowing which would be best, I found the website very helpful and decided to buy a selection of 4 in various strengths. He's really enjoyed them and we have recommended the site to friends and family. When I placed the order, I accidentally pressed the pay over the phone button. I rang too late on the last day for 2nd class delivery before Christmas and was concerned I may not get them in time. The person I spoke to though, put them in the 1st class post for me with no extra charge. Excellent customer service, thank you.

Reviewer: (2015) Margaret from Huddersfield   5 Stars
Bought this for a family member for Christmas, he was thrilled with it and is going to look on your website for future purchases.

Reviewer: (2015) M Orson from Ashton under Lyne   5 Stars
Bought as Xmas gift for son with a 'coffee obsession', he has now tried the coffees and is very pleased with the taste and quality.

Reviewer: (2015) Kim from Surrey   5 Stars
I ordered four bags of different coffee beans for my hubby for a Christmas pressie as he's a bit of a coffee fiend. When they arrived and I opened the bag they smelt amazing although they were all individually sealed in vacuum packed bags, each different pack smelt completely different. My hubby was really pleased and I'm sure will be firing up the coffee machine to try them soon. The delivery was also very quick and they arrived within a couple of days even though I'd only ordered them on 17/12/14. Really pleased and I'd definitely recommend The Love Of Coffee.

Reviewer: (2015) Karen from Bradford, West Yorkshire   5 Stars
Fabulous selection of coffees for coffee-loving friends for Xmas pressies. Great choice of organic and fairtrade products too. Excellent service and delivery.

Reviewer: (2014) Stephanie from Surrey   5 Stars
I just wanted to thank you for how quick you were at processing my order, I ordered Friday morning, by Friday afternoon I had an email saying my parcel had been dispatched, and it arrived Saturday morning! Very pleased, now just can't wait to try the different coffee beans!

Reviewer: (2014) Steph from Luton   5 Stars
Yum Yum.

Reviewer: (2014) Paul from West Yorkshire   5 Stars
Satisfied with the overall quality of the coffee topped off with good service.

Reviewer: (2014) Ber from Scotland   5 Stars
Bought 4 different coffees for cafetiere.....the smell just even opening the bag they arrived in was heavenly! Would recommend as fantastic quality. Definitely a five star.

Reviewer: (2014) Gavin from Galston   5 Stars
Service was quick and efficient. Product was first class. Will be looking to place another order in the very near future.

Reviewer: (2014) Keith from Birmingham   4 Stars
I bought this for my mother and like the idea of selecting your own choices. It arrived on time and she likes the coffee.

Reviewer: (2014) Sue from Chichester   5 Stars
This trial pack is an excellent idea to allow you to taste new coffees to find one(s) you really like. Service was excellent and I'm enjoying blending the different beans. Will definitely buy again.

Reviewer: (2014) Natasha from Hampshire   5 Stars
I found it very easy to choose and order the coffees. However I then discovered that the person I was sending the coffee too was going away - Sheldon at The Love of Coffee took this totally in his stride, went down to the post room and changed the postage on the parcel from second class to first class and hey presto! The coffee arrived in time. My dad was delighted. I would definitely recommend The Love of Coffee - great selection of coffees, and great personalised service.

Reviewer: (2014) Emma from East Sussex   5 Stars
I did a coffee tasting at my church and my clientele LOVED it! It was generally agreed that the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe was the favourite closely followed by the Tanzanian coffee, but the African coffees were much preferred over the South American and Asian coffees. Was really thrilled with the service from The Love of Coffee and have recommended them and will do so again.

Reviewer: (2014) Dawn from Devon   5 Stars
Ordered a range of different course ground coffees, have tried 2 so far and can easily give 5* for the coffee and the quick delivery! Website easy to move around and find the coffee you are looking for.

Reviewer: (2014) S Jardine from Dorset   5 Stars
Very happy with coffee choices we chose. Descriptions are very good. Recommended. Will be using again very soon.

Reviewer: (2014) Nicola from Liverpool   5 Stars
Excellent service and speedy response times to queries. Very happy with all products and thoroughly enjoyed the coffees.

Reviewer: (2013) Kevin from Chelmsford   5 Stars
As a new coffee drinker I decided to order a selection of coffees to help decide what was right for me. I found the website had a lot of useful information to help narrow down the types of coffee's I would be interested in. When I got the selection of coffees I ordered they were far fresher than other coffee's I had before. The taste was very smooth and how described on the website. My experience has been so good that I will be throwing the other coffee I have in the house away and have placed another order to replace it. Thanks and well done to the Love of Coffee team.

Reviewer: (2013) Jay from High Peak   5 Stars
Love the coffee and love the service. Thanks, Jay

Reviewer: (2013) Barbara from Sudbury, Suffolk   4 Stars
I gave the coffee''s as a gift to some one who loves coffee and it went down a treat! The best bit is that you can choose what types of coffee to add to your collection when ordering 4. Would definately recommend this and would buy again from them. Thank you!

Reviewer: (2013) PAGC from Scotland   5 Stars
Very impressed with "The Love of Coffee". Quick service. Coffee superbly roasted. I particularly like the Multibuy offers, which allow you to sample a much wider range of coffee than usual. Will definitely buy from here again.

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