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Organic & Fairtrade Coffees

All organic farming requires at least 3 years of cultivation only using natural fertiliser & pesticides. So no chemicals will come into contact with the plants at all. The coffee is then processed separately all through its preparation cycle until it is finally packed & consumed. Organic coffee is certified by IFOAM and traced through the whole system with paperwork. Subsidary organisations in various countries then certify the coffee locally on the back of the IFOAM traceability. Our coffee roasters are certified by The Soil Association, which is one of many. True organic produce should always carry a certification logo of  the auditing association. The organisation audit member companies to control the system.

Colombian (Organic & Fairtrade)
[star-value] Stars 33 Review(s)
A fresh and full-bodied coffee, smooth flavour, suitable for all occasions.
from £3.25
Costa Rica (Organic & Fairtrade)
[star-value] Stars 20 Review(s)
An all round balanced coffee with a lovely mellow taste and slight acidity.
from £2.95
Dark Italian Blend (Organic & Fairtrade)
[star-value] Stars 60 Review(s)
Our most popular organic espresso coffee - makes a lovely smooth drink.
from £3.25
Dark Roast Blend (Organic & Fairtrade)
[star-value] Stars 14 Review(s)
A smooth strong coffee most suitabed for after dinner and espresso.
from £2.95
Ethiopian Mocha Djimma (Organic & Fairtrade)
[star-value] Stars 22 Review(s)
Rich, fruity flavour with winey undertones and a chocolatey aftertaste.
from £2.95
Freedom Blend (Organic & Fairtrade)
[star-value] Stars 18 Review(s)
A smooth, full bodied coffee without a bitter taste.
from £2.95
Guatemala (Organic & Fairtrade)
[star-value] Stars 9 Review(s)
Full of body with slight fruitiness.
from £3.25
Medium Roast Blend (Organic & Fairtrade)
[star-value] Stars 3 Review(s)
This mild blend makes a light all day drink with low acidity.
from £2.95
Mount Everest Supreme (Organic & Fairtrade)
[star-value] Stars 5 Review(s)
Smooth with a mild body. Light acidity of grapes and soft fruit.
from £3.95
Papua New Guinea (Organic & Fairtrade)
[star-value] Stars 19 Review(s)
Chocolate and nut flavour has a distinctive fruity aftertaste.
from £3.25
Peru (Organic & Fairtrade)
[star-value] Stars 7 Review(s)
A lighter coffee in texture than other Central American coffees with a lovely lasting flavour.
from £3.25
Sumatran (Organic & Fairtrade)
[star-value] Stars 18 Review(s)
Rich chocolatey flavour with a heavy body and a smooth velvety aftertaste.
from £3.25
Sumatran DeCaf (Organic & Fairtrade)
[star-value] Stars 36 Review(s)
Rich chocolatey flavour with a heavy body and a smooth velvety aftertaste.
from £4.95

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