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Most Popular

Amaretto (Flavoured Coffee)
[star-value] Stars 63 Review(s)
A creamy and smooth coffee with all the richness of an amaretto liqueur without any of the alcohol.
from £3.25
Blue Mountain Jamaica
[star-value] Stars 42 Review(s)
The quintessential classic coffee. Light and very smooth with very little acidity and with a full body that leaves a lasting aftertaste.
from £10.95
Colombian (Organic & Fairtrade)
[star-value] Stars 33 Review(s)
A fresh and full-bodied coffee, smooth flavour, suitable for all occasions.
from £3.25
Colombian DeCaf
[star-value] Stars 46 Review(s)
A fresh and full-bodied coffee, smooth flavour, suitable for all occasions.
from £3.95
Colombian San Agustin
[star-value] Stars 18 Review(s)
Rich flavour, fruity body with a rich aftertaste and a slightly nuttier flavour to most other Colombian coffees.
from £3.25
Dark Italian Blend (Organic & Fairtrade)
[star-value] Stars 60 Review(s)
Our most popular organic espresso coffee - makes a lovely smooth drink.
from £3.25
French Vanilla (Flavoured Coffee)
[star-value] Stars 82 Review(s)
100% arabica coffee beans and nature identical flavourings.
from £3.25
Guatemala Maragogype
[star-value] Stars 62 Review(s)
A high grown coffee with a lovely mellow taste with slight acidity admired by connoisseurs.
from £3.95
Hazelnut (Flavoured Coffee)
[star-value] Stars 40 Review(s)
A delightfully nutty coffee, smooth with strong flavoursome overtones.
from £3.25
Indian Monsoon Malabar
[star-value] Stars 101 Review(s)
An excellent coffee exposed to the monsoon winds to increase body and reduce acidity. Sweet & smooth unlike any other coffee.
from £2.95
Kopi Luwak (Civet Cat Coffee)
[star-value] Stars 177 Review(s)
The world's rarest and most unusual coffee. An exceptionally smooth sweet coffee with a rich heavy body and no bitter aftertaste.
from £15.95
Old Brown Java
[star-value] Stars 73 Review(s)
A full bodied coffee - earthy and spicy with tobacco notes with a hint of sweetness and no acidity.
from £3.25
Sumatra Mandheling
[star-value] Stars 24 Review(s)
Low toned and heavy bodied coffee with lots of depth and chocolate richness.
from £3.25

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