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Kopi Luwak (Civet Cat Coffee)

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Our Price: £15.95
Product Description

Certified 100% Arabica 'Free Range' Indonesian Kopi Luwak
(A Certificate Of Authenticity will be sent together with your order)

Roasted To Order For The Best Possible Flavour And Aroma
Perfect for: Cafetiere / Filter / Espresso

Strength: Strong (Dark Roast)

Type: Speciality / Origin

Region: Indonesia - East Java - Kayumas Estate Plantation

Flavour: An exceptionally smooth sweet coffee wita rich heavy body and no bitter aftertaste. One master roaster has described the flavour as 'fermented plum and dark chocolate with hints of caramel and hazelnuts'.

The History Of Kopi Luwak

In the early 19th century the Dutch established coffee plantations in Java and Sumatra, but prohibited the native farmers from collecting the prized beans for their own use. But the farmers soon realised that the Luwaks consumed the coffee berries and left the coffee beans undigested in their droppings. They then collected, cleaned, roasted and ground the coffee beans so that they too could enjoy this precious beverage.

Wild Kopi Luwak or Civet Cat Coffee is often referred to as the world's best coffee

"Kopi" is the Indonesian word for coffee and "Luwak" is the local name for the civet like cat.

On the Kayumas Estate Plantation in Indonesia lives the Luwak or Palm Civet Cat (Paradoxurus Hermaphroditus). Being partial to picking only the most perfect arabica coffee berries, the luwak with its ultra sensitive sense of smell is able to select only the ripest and sweetest coffee berries for their fleshy pulp and adds them to its diet. As they pass through the digestive system the enzymes which naturally occur in the gut break down the bitter proteins in the bean, and this starts the fermentation process which ultimately gives Kopi Luwak its distinct smooth and syrupy like texture. The undigested coffee berries are sent out as clusters of excrement and these are then collected by the farmers before being thoroughly washed, sun dried and prepared for shipment.

Buy with confidence knowing that our Kopi Luwak has been certified 100% pure and authentic, and has been ethically sourced from the Kayumas Estate Plantation where the luwaks roam wild and feed freely. They not only consume ripe arabica coffee cherries but also forage on other ripe and sweet fruits such as banana and papaya.

A copy of the original 'Certificate Of Authenticity' will be sent together with your order, and an image of this is provided above.

Not only does this coffee make a great talking point after dinner, but is a perfect treat for coffee connoisseurs, as a gift and for the coffee curious.

If you have any questions or if you have any special requirements do please contact us.

Location Cultivars Elevation Climate Soil Type Shade
Highlands of Ijen Plateux,
East Java, Indonesia
Djember Typica & Catimor 2,460 - 4,920 ft Tropical Volcanic Soils Full Tree Shade

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You can choose at the checkout to have this sent to the gift recipient directly if you wish.


Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews
Write a review and share your experience to help other customers at The Love Of Coffee!

Reviewer: (2019) Agata from Stoke-On-Trent   5 Stars
Perfect, thank you.

Reviewer: (2019) Michelle from Notts   4 Stars
A nice coffee bought as a gift. Honestly, I don't think the flavour is anything outstanding, hence the four stars. For a product as renowned as this I expected it to be divine. That being said, it was a good coffee, well received and appreciated. Service from the site was excellent, delivered super quickly and the staff took extra measures to make sure it'd fit through the letterbox as I requested. Have used the site before and will use again, perhaps not for the Kopi next time.

Reviewer: (2019) Tony from South Yorkshire   5 Stars
Excellent product at a great price.

Reviewer: (2018) Pamela from West Yorkshire   5 Stars
Bought as a gift for son in law. He thinks it is wonderful.

Reviewer: (2018) Rick from Leicester   5 Stars
Straightforward ordering, speedy delivery and excellent gift-quality packaging. Service was everything I wanted. I can't speak for the beans, as they were a gift and I've not tasted them. But feedback is that the taste and quality were absolutely top-rate. I'll certainly come back to Love of Coffee in future.

Reviewer: (2018) Jackie from Carmarthenshire   5 Stars
Exemplary service as always.

Reviewer: (2018) Katrina from Kent   5 Stars
High quality coffees and packaged beautifully! Will always order in this site. Very good customer service too! Our fave are kopi luwak, kona hawaii and brown java!

Reviewer: (2018) Carole from Lancashire   5 Stars
Excellent service and really good coffee at a reasonable price. Good to have an authentication certificate as well.

Reviewer: (2018) Mike from Luton   5 Stars
Great tasting coffee at a reasonable price. It even comes with zip certificate so you know the animals aren't caged.

Reviewer: (2018) Andy from Worcestershire   3 Stars
The beans are a fantastic quality and have an amazing flavour, it's the second time I have ordered from here, although I think this time the Civet Cat must have been a tad constipated as it took a week to dispatch!

Reviewer: (2018) Paul from Ebbw Vale   5 Stars
Whenever I order coffee from this company I always get the best tasting best quality and fast prompt service. Highly recommend The love of coffee to anyone.

Reviewer: (2018) Fredi from Lancashire   5 Stars
Great Product and excellent service!

Reviewer: (2018) Joyce from BUCKINGHAMSHIRE   5 Stars
The 5 stars is for this site, their service and their speedy and well packaged delivery. Whilst I enjoyed the Kopi Luwak I wouldn't say it was anything ultra special and I wouldn't order it again. Definately will order other coffees though. Really impressed with The Love of Coffee.

Reviewer: (2018) Robin from Rugby, Warwickshire   5 Stars
Bought this Kopi Luwak Coffee as a treat to myself and it's one that I shall undoubtedly buy again. Certainly a talking point (if you don't understand what I mean, read the History/Description) and once discussed, everyone wants to try it, so be warned, a 100g bag doesn't go far. Beautiful beans, the aroma whilst brewing and drinking is delicious, as is the coffee itself. Strong but very smooth, mellow, sweet tasting and very moreish. Is it worth the extra money? Prohibitively expensive for me to buy regularly but as a 'must try' or a treat or a gift? Definitely! As for The Love of Coffee' service, I placed my order for three types of beans at 2pm on Thursday and it arrived the following day..... What more can I say!!!

Reviewer: (2017) Arlene from Blackpool   5 Stars
Arrived promptly and well gift wrapped. As this was a gift I don't know how good the coffee is but I'm sure it will be well received.

Reviewer: (2017) Piotr from Belfast   5 Stars
Great coffee.

Reviewer: (2017) Gina from Kent   5 Stars
Great service, next day delivery, items arrived well packed and with no outside indication of what they were which was good as part of a present! Coffee tastes great. Would order again without hesitation.

Reviewer: (2017) Marian from Chatham, Kent   5 Stars
Excellent choice of coffee. Arrived quickly and was well packaged. Bought as a gift for a coffee lover.

Reviewer: (2017) Nathan from Doncaster   5 Stars
A quick delivery of my great tasting coffee. Highly recommend as the quality of product is excellent and competitively priced. Will be ordering more shortly but just the Kopi Luwak as I like a strong tasting coffee.

Reviewer: (2017) Daniel from Kent   5 Stars
My favourite coffee, delivered next day, perfectly packaged and fresh. Will be ordering again in the next few days. Thanks for a great service!

Reviewer: (2017) Stephen from Laugharne, West Wales   5 Stars
First class coffee, plus very helpful if you ask them. I won't buy coffee any where else, first class service.

Reviewer: (2017) Sheila from Suffolk   5 Stars
Coffee beans bought for Christmas gift. Great website, easy ordering procedure and coffee beans arrived promptly and well wrapped. Thank you.

Reviewer: (2017) Caroline from Torquay   5 Stars
Nice and smooth coffee.

Reviewer: (2017) Debbie from Northumberland   5 Stars
Excellent service, super quick delivery. Bought for a Christmas present but I know my coffee loving son will love it.

Reviewer: (2017) Derek from Devon   5 Stars
Well packed, great coffee delivery time very good and information is tops.

Reviewer: (2017) Marjorie from Dalmeny   5 Stars
Excellent product. The taste was sensational.

Reviewer: (2017) Becky from Dorset   5 Stars
Great Christmas gift delivered in time. Great to be able to buy a small quantity to try.

Reviewer: (2017) Ed from Liverpool   5 Stars
Always wanted to try Kopi luwak coffee. The love of coffee web site made it easy to order, would recommend well presented in a lovely gift box

Reviewer: (2017) Jill from East Boldon   5 Stars
The best coffee I have ever tasted, not too strong and mellow in flavour. Really picks you up, if your tired or feel run down, the health benefits of this coffee are amazing. I will be purchasing another bag very soon!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewer: (2016) Ian from Edinburgh   5 Stars
I love this coffee, the taste is way better than almost any coffee I have ever tasted. It's a little more expensive but if you can buy some as a treat for yourself or a loved one. I have bought on several occasions from here and the service and the coffee are 5 stars.

Reviewer: (2016) Lisa from Purfleet   5 Stars
I ordered this as a gift, so not sampled the coffee, but the service and delivery was excellent.

Reviewer: (2016) Lucea from Plymouth   5 Stars
Excellent service and excellent coffee!

Reviewer: (2016) John from South Devon   5 Stars
The dispatch and delivery service was excellent - the beans being delivered well before the appointed day. The Love of Coffee packaging was also excellent - the beans were fresh and strong smelling. Can't fault anything from this on-line supplier....I can recommend them and will certainly be buying from them in the future.

Reviewer: (2016) Richard from Gillingham   5 Stars
Beautiful coffee, excellent service.

Reviewer: (2016) Peter from Essex   5 Stars
I'd heard about Kopi Luwak (Civet Cat Coffee) so when I saw some I bought it. Lovely coffee, bit stronger than I usually like but very nice all the same. Excellent service following order. Very quick delivery.

Reviewer: (2016) Paul from SW Wales   5 Stars

Reviewer: (2016) Claire from Leeds   5 Stars
Fab. Ordered coffee as a treat, handwritten note added an extra touch! Perfect. Arrived really fast, very well packaged. Time and care also taken with presentation inside the box for the coffee. Will certainly be using you again, amazing products from a great company is a hard thing to find! Well worth buying the world's most expensive coffee! Thanks.

Reviewer: (2016) Ben from Bournemouth   5 Stars
Great service, great coffee. Got a mix of flavours, some nice "standard" coffee, and the obligatory cat-poo coffee. Good service, prompt delivery, very happy. Particularly like the small quantities on offer so I can sample lots of different blends without buying kilos.

Reviewer: (2016) Ian from Edinburgh   5 Stars
Amazing Coffee one of the finest things I have ever tasted. A full flavour with a sweet soft aroma. The thing that will hit you is the range of flavour and the fact it's not bitter at all. If you love coffee then buy some you will fall in love with it.

Reviewer: (2016) James from Lincoln   5 Stars
Easy ordering, great delivery. Ordered as an Xmas present and the civet cat coffee has gone down well. Will be ordering again.

Reviewer: (2016) Rachel from Hertfordshire   5 Stars
Brilliant coffee and a fast delivery in time for Christmas, would highly recommend and will be ordering again soon!

Reviewer: (2016) Amanda from Kingston   5 Stars
Great Coffee Gift and delivered as promised.

Reviewer: (2016) Sharon from Surrey   5 Stars
Customer service is excellent. My initial order arrived incomplete but was rectified immediately. Have tried 2 of the 5 coffees and very impressed with both. Will order again.

Reviewer: (2015) Ashley from Manchester   5 Stars
Outstanding, smooth but yet strong tasting coffee. Bought as a present for my girlfriend who just returned from Asia travelling boasting about kopi luwak, this didn't disappoint. Would definitely recommend!

Reviewer: (2015) Simon from West Yorkshire   5 Stars
Fantastic service. Price and selection of coffees excellent. Delivery as stated, and no problems.

Reviewer: (2015) David from Worthing   5 Stars
Delivery on time. Recipient liked the gift. Very happy with the product and service.

Reviewer: (2015) Stuart from Harrogate   5 Stars
Very good and speedy service - had to amend the order last minute and this was done speedily and without further issues. Couldn't have asked for more.

Reviewer: (2015) Kay from Lanarkshire, Scotland   5 Stars
I bought 5 different coffees as a birthday gift for my husband (this is one of them). After contacting customer service to ask about packaging they arranged for the order to be double wrapped to ensure the surprise wasn't ruined due to being able to smell the coffee. My order arrived very quickly and well wrapped. I am not a coffee drinker but my husband tells me the coffees are fantastic. I'm sure we will be ordering again.

Reviewer: (2015) Daniel from Huddersfield   5 Stars
Nice coffee and very quick delivery, professional.

Reviewer: (2015) David from Dorking   5 Stars
Product was delivered to me just as described and at reasonable speed. I am pleased that 100g of coffee beans has afforded me several cups of coffee so far. The Kopi Luwak is certainly smooth on its taste and has an interesting and different flavour which is less bitter than my normal coffee beans. The jury is still out on whether I will order more for my own consumption. 100g of these beans would make a very nice gift for friends who are coffee lovers however.

Reviewer: (2015) Martin from West Susex   5 Stars
I have to agree that this coffee is extremely smooth and does have a slightly sweeter flavour. I did notice it also has a seemingly stronger bouquet then most others I have tried including Blue Mountain. I would recommend that people at least give this a try.

Reviewer: (2015) Paul from South wales   5 Stars
Absolutely amazing stunning coffee well worth the price.

Reviewer: (2015) Alex from Oundle   5 Stars
Delivery was outstandingly quick and the coffee was of a high standard, ground to the right level for my cafetiere. Will certainly use this site again.

Reviewer: (2015) R Mace from Staffordshire   5 Stars
Bought as a gift for my husband. He was very pleased with the product. The service received was excellent. Prompt delivery.

Reviewer: (2015) Carol from Coventry   5 Stars
Great coffee, very fresh. Will be ordering again.

Reviewer: (2015) Andy from Liverpool   5 Stars
Customer service - amazing. Knowledge - amazing. Delivery - smooth (like the coffee). Quality of product -fantastic!

Reviewer: (2015) Spencer from Liverpool   5 Stars
Although I didn't order the coffee personally, I overheard the conversation with my colleague and the staff member at The Love Of Coffee. He seemed knowledgeable, friendly and suggested the optimal grind for our needs. The coffee itself was great, and I'd definitely choose it again.

Reviewer: (2015) Joshua from Norwich   5 Stars
Brilliant coffee, quick delivery and great service. Couldn't ask for any more!

Reviewer: (2015) Donna from Elgin, Moray, Scotland   5 Stars
Excellent service, received within 2 days. Bought as Xmas present for my partner - he was well chuffed thought this was very special and a great treat. Thank you.

Reviewer: (2015) Francesca from Sandhurst, Berkshire   5 Stars
I ordered 3 different coffee beans and was suitably impressed with the prompt delivery and the great tasting coffee - will be ordering again - thank you!

Reviewer: (2015) Chloe from Essex   5 Stars
Fantastic quality, lovely packaging. Mum was so pleased she wrote a blog post about the coffee! Check it out! And the free chocolate covered coffee beans was a nice touch!

Reviewer: (2015) Nick from Northamptonshire   3 Stars
I was hoping to be blown away by the Kopi Luwak coffee, but was generally left quite disappointed. The Love of Coffee service was efficient though.

Reviewer: (2015) Craig from Peterborough   5 Stars
Strong yet delicious, bought it for the wow factor but genuinely surprised at how good it tastes. May be a little addicted to it now too :)

Reviewer: (2015) Carol from Coventry   5 Stars
This is my second order as I bought the cat coffee for my partner for Xmas. Delicious.

Reviewer: (2015) Tracy from Milton Keynes   5 Stars
Quick dispatch and gift recipient was very pleased - thank you.

Reviewer: (2015) Ian from Co.Durham   5 Stars
Great coffee - great service, as always.

Reviewer: (2015) Adam from Peterborough   5 Stars
Really good service and prompt delivery, will use again.

Reviewer: (2015) Julie from Bradford   5 Stars
Delivery was excellent and packaged well. This was a gift for my Daughter and she is highly delighted. So much so she has not yet shared even a cup!! She tells me that this Kopi Luwak is the nicest she has had, having bought the same type from other suppliers in the past. Thank You it helped to make her Christmas that little bit more special.

Reviewer: (2015) Marius from Exeter   5 Stars
Thank you for your product, it was a great Christmas gift for my wife. She loved the flavour of Kopi Luwak!!!

Reviewer: (2014) Liliwen from Wales   5 Stars
What an excellent company to deal with! I ordered my coffee with a gift box because it's going to my husband for Christmas. If you want a gift - take this option. It only cost £1.95 (how do they managed it?). Excellent, it arrived in a lovely brown box with the coffee wrapped inside deep purple tissue paper and sealed with The Love Of Coffee label. The card was hand written which was unexpected but lovely, a change from the usual typed variety. Haven't tried the coffee yet but will on Christmas Day and I am sure, that like everything so far, it will surpass expectations. Thank you again.

Reviewer: (2014) Audrey from Northern Ireland   5 Stars
Excellent coffee and well packaged.

Reviewer: (2014) Kinny from Scotland   5 Stars
Purchased from another supplier in the past and paid over the odds. Ordered this to try, exact same taste and aroma (and was In Stock) nice certificate of authenticity provided alongside it. Will def buy again from here, brill prices, amazingly quick delivery. Thanks guys.

Reviewer: (2014) Geoff from N Ireland   5 Stars
Great service, goods arrived on time and well packaged

Reviewer: (2014) Briony from Epping   5 Stars
Order came promptly when it said it would and I like the way it was wrapped as a present for someone. Nice to have a personal message inside.

Reviewer: (2014) Debbie from Potters Bar   5 Stars
This is a Christmas present for my son so have not tried the coffee yet, but ordering was really easy even down to the grind required. Arrived on time and was very impressed with the overall set up.

Reviewer: (2014) Lucea from Plymouth   5 Stars
It was bought as a present for Christmas, so I can't comment on the flavour but the service has been brilliant! My parcel arrived in good condition and very quickly even at this busy time of year!!! Would highly recommend to everyone!

Reviewer: (2014) Jess from West Midlands   5 Stars
Lovely coffee and brilliant customer service!

Reviewer: (2014) Patrick from Surrey   5 Stars
The item was sent securely and arrived in great condition. Nice quality coffee.

Reviewer: (2014) Sandra from Stoke-on-Trent   5 Stars
Thank you for a speedy delivery of my order. Your products and service are excellent Thanks again.

Reviewer: (2014) Rebecca from Kent   5 Stars

Reviewer: (2014) David from London   5 Stars
Haven't sampled the product yet, but the service (email response) was impressive and the delivery was super-fast. Good outfit to deal with.

Reviewer: (2014) Tom from Oxfordshire   5 Stars
Quick delivery, great product.

Reviewer: (2014) Adam from Sussex   5 Stars
An intense coffee that lived up to the reputation it deserves, as a lover of coffee i can honestly say it is the best i have tried.

Reviewer: (2014) Jason from Norfolk   5 Stars
Excellent service for my first foray into the proper world of coffee. After sales service and advice second to none from Sheldon. Fantastic coffee and choice looking, forward to my next delivery.

Reviewer: (2014) Maureen Lu from Liverpool   5 Stars
Coffee roasting is very good, gracefully scent.

Reviewer: (2014) Karen from Ballyronan, NI   5 Stars
We love this coffee, this is probably my 4th purchase! Such a smooth blend, exceptional taste, it's just amazing. I especially love having relatives or friends taste without knowing what it is, my 92 year old grandfathers face was hilarious when I told him what it was, he loved it! Guess thats where my expensive taste came from originally.

Reviewer: (2014) Karen from Sheffield   5 Stars
Easy to order, came on time, tasted superb.

Reviewer: (2014) Shane from Co Wicklow, Ireland   5 Stars
Hi, I purchased this coffee to celebrate my father's 90th birthday. All of my family are avid coffee drinkers, black no sugar. Amazing is the only word close to describing the fullness and depth of flavour of this remarkable coffee, the finest coffee any of us had ever tasted. Good strong mellow flavour with a lovely aftertaste. Very expensive for mere mortals and not for everyday. Put it on your bucket list

Reviewer: (2014) Shane from County Antrim   5 Stars
I shared a packet of Kopi Luwak with my family on Sunday, AMAZING!

Reviewer: (2014) Farheen from Nottingham   4 Stars
Very prompt service and person I gave gift liked the coffee very much.

Reviewer: (2014) Arnold from London   5 Stars
The service I received from The Love of Coffee was just simply great! Ordered 2 days ago (standard delivery), and I am enjoying the coffee today. Now, I am not an expert, and I have tried to make the coffee with the best knowledge I could gather from the internet, still I am sure it would taste completely different if it was done by a barista. Still, the coffee is absolutely great, tastes lovely, and the fact I'm drinking a very rare one makes it even tastier. :)

Reviewer: (2014) Josh from Surrey   5 Stars
India Monsoon Malabar is still my favourite coffee I've tried, and I thoroughly enjoyed the cat poop coffee too!

Reviewer: (2014) Melvinia from Dorset   5 Stars
The coffee was a present for my husband, he was really pleased and said it was a lovely smooth coffee, it was really quick and easy to order and also came within two days! I will use this again and recommend it to every one!! A BIG THANKS!

Reviewer: (2014) Gordon from Ipswich   5 Stars
Excellent service and delivery. Great communications. Loved the chocolate coffee beans too.

Reviewer: (2014) Olive from Lancing, West Sussex   5 Stars
I have used this Company for about 4 years now as our future Son in Law loves the Civet Coffee. I had a problem completing my online order this time and within minutes someone called me and he helped me through the process. It was brilliant and the coffee arrived the very next day. Wouldn't want to try anywhere else, they are so kind and very very helpful. "The Love of Coffee" I will be back very soon.

Reviewer: (2014) Gary from Wales   5 Stars
Great Service - very quick delivery as always.

Reviewer: (2014) Shaun from Derbyshire   5 Stars
Great product, great price, immediate delivery.

Reviewer: (2014) Keith from Lancs   5 Stars
Excellent with speedy delivery.

Reviewer: (2014) K McCormick from Fife   5 Stars
Initially bought Kopi Luwak as a Christmas present. Slightly more expensive than the other varieties but ideal for a special occasion or treat - Recipient loved it! Was impressed with speed of delivery, and recently ordered Sumatra Mandheling, again for a present. Although I received a different coffee to what was ordered, I decided to just keep it. On notifying The Love of Coffee, they sent me the correct one as well, at no further cost. Great customer service!

Reviewer: (2013) Julie from Dorset   5 Stars
Absolutely first class service. I ordered several different coffee blends as well as Kopi Luwak as Christmas presents, they arrived the next day even though I had requested 2nd class postal delivery. A small hiccup with my order was sorted out immediately - customer service is top notch! Thank you!

Reviewer: (2013) Gazz from London   5 Stars
My coffee arrived a lot quicker than I thought it would. Within 2 days, it was here. Excellent!

Reviewer: (2013) Ann from Lanarkshire   4 Stars
Service was excellent. Very quick delivery and at a reasonable price.

Reviewer: (2013) Taylor from Selby   5 Stars
The coffee arrived very promtply and very well wrapped. In honesty, I ordered this coffee with a friend as a pay day treat and something a little unusual to try. What we experienced was an amazing aroma on opening, and the smoothest, least bitter, most full-flavoured yet well balanced coffee I could have imagined. Really delicious. Great service from Thank you.

Reviewer: (2013) Calum from Kent   5 Stars
Excellent Coffee, excellent service!

Reviewer: (2013) Thomas from Derry, Ireland   4 Stars

Reviewer: (2013) Karen from Oxford   5 Stars
Bought this for a friend who has always wanted to try it. Speedy delivery and he loves it.

Reviewer: (2013) Jackie from Midlands   5 Stars
Bought this for a good friend who is a bit of a coffee buff, he just said yum, yum, yum, and I think that says it all

Reviewer: (2013) Jeremy from UK   5 Stars
Great service from the love of coffee, great coffee, very smooth and silky almost, best price I could find with delivery, thankyou!

Reviewer: (2013) Bruce from UK   5 Stars
Kopi luwak, purchased from the love of coffee, was fantastic, having tried it through a friend, i have since placed my second order for the coffee, Its great, full of flavour and strong. For all coffee connoisseurs its a must try at least once. Highly recommended.

Reviewer: (2013) Andrew from Aberdeen   5 Stars
“Just because it is the most expensive does not make it the best”…. a saying I have had to listen to all my life. However this coffee means I will never have to endure that saying again, as It is undoubtedly the most expensive and best coffee I have ever had the pleasure of drinking. The delivery service was excellent and very quick.

Reviewer: (2013) Richard from Meriden   5 Stars
A must for coffee lovers

Reviewer: (2013) Richard from Leicester   5 Stars
I saw this coffee on a Rick Stein programme on TV. It became part of my friends and my must do things in 2013. A great full flavoured distinctive tasting coffee. A depth of flavour I've not encountered in coffee. The flavour appear to improve as my taste buds adjusted to the taste, an absolute treat. I recommend any coffee lover gives it a whirl. I was also impressed with the ease of transaction, and delivery speed. 5 stars all round

Reviewer: (2013) James from London   5 Stars
Having now ordered this particular coffee several times, I have found the quality and service to be excellent and consistent. I will be using The Love Of Coffee for all my future purchases and would highly recommend them.

Reviewer: (2013) Rachel from London   5 Stars
Fast service, even delivery to the middle of nowhere where I ordered it as a present. Best price available online as well. Very impressed.

Reviewer: (2013) B Ogden from Wales   5 Stars
I was very pleased with the price the quality and the speed of service. I will certainly use this company in future for my specialist coffee needs

Reviewer: (2013) Julie from East Sussex   4 Stars
Excellent service. Fast postage. The coffee was a gift and was nicely wrapped ,iI' a convert and will happily try other new tastes in the future.

Reviewer: (2013) Peter from Hitchin   4 Stars
Knew about the coffee from watching ''The Bucket List''. So thought why not give it a go. The coffee itself is very smooth, strong yet mellow. Would definitely have again. It is quite a remarkable coffee.

Reviewer: (2013) Sheena from Greenock   5 Stars
My husband bought me this coffee for Christmas. It is simply the best tasting coffee ever - rich and deep, yet sweet with no bitter aftertaste. Do not be put off by its origin....all true coffee lovers should thank the civet cat! Treat this coffee as you would treat fine wines or rare whiskies and savour every sip; it''s delightful. Customer service deserves a five star rating too, with very friendly and helpful staff. We will definitely use TLOC again and will recommend it to all our friends. Thanks.

Reviewer: (2013) Philip from Hampshire   5 Stars
I bought this coffee for my wife for Christmas as we are both fine coffee lovers. However, she turned her nose up at it because of how it is made. Her loss, as I thought it was the best coffee I have ever tasted. It has a very well rounded flavour with no bitterness or earthy undertones. There is a slight sweetness to it which comes through due to the bitterness not being there. The trouble is, ever since trying this wonderful coffee, everything else now taste mediocre in comparison. I will definitely be buying more once my current bag runs out. Delicious. Why can''t all coffee taste as good as this.

Reviewer: (2013) Kesh from Northern Ireland   4 Stars
Great service from TLOC. Arrived on the day i was expecting and well packaged. I had been drinking a Cuban blend before i ordered this but decided it was time to take on Kopi Luwak off the ole bucket list. I was expecting a strong coffee so wasnt shocked that it wasnt overly strong, though family thought it was quite strong. I found the Cuban blend alot stronger.

Reviewer: (2013) Clementine from Norwich   4 Stars
Firstly, the service from the website was brilliant. Smooth transaction with zero problems. Fast postage. The coffee was bought for my coffee loving boyfriend. Sat down christmas morning with this new coffee. It was very nice. Smooth, not bitter at all. Totally worth buying the 50g if you are just curious. 50g will make more than 3 cups of coffee. it''s quite strong so you won''t need as much. THEN we told coffee came from poop. His face dropped. Ha.

Reviewer: (2012) Amanda from London   5 Stars
Thank you so much. I ordered Kopi Luwak on the Thursday as a last minute birthday present for my husband, and it arrived beautifully gift packaged on the Friday. He's been waiting to try this coffee and he loved it. I'll definitely be ordering again from The Love Of Coffee.

Reviewer: (2012) Barrington from Wiltshire   5 Stars
Fine ground for espresso. Round and smooth medium-body with no rough edges. Complex cocoa and cashew with a lifted, slightly sweetening finish. Excellent. Special note for the personal, speedy and exceptional service from tloc after a Royal Mail disaster

Reviewer: (2012) Paula from Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire   5 Stars
Bought this coffee for my fussy father in law, who is an avid coffee fan. He loved it! I would highly recommend Kopi Luwak, and excellent service from The Love of Coffee!

Reviewer: (2012) Pamela from Barry, South Wales   5 Stars
My daughter had raved about this coffee so I decided to try it and was delighted with it and it was delivered much quicker than I had expected and would recommend it to anyone.

Reviewer: (2012) Victoria from Southampton   5 Stars
A must try and a fantastic gift. The flavour is luxuriously strong, perfect kick start to the morning! Would highly recommend to any coffee lovers, it is more than worth the money. Give it a try!

Reviewer: (2012) ANDREW from POCKLINGTON YORK   5 Stars
The Civit Coffee is for a "Bushtucker Trial" for a livley Sixth Form Assembly in our school. The service in getting it to us was first class and I am sure the product will be too.

Reviewer: (2012) ANN L from london   5 Stars
I bought this coffee after reading reviews.And was delighted with it, very smooth tasting.I was also impressed with the prompt service and would have no hesitation in ordering again.

Reviewer: (2012) Steven from East Kilbride   5 Stars
I haven't tried the coffee yet as it was bought as a present. The service was very good and i would use TLOC again, i would also recommend getting yourself some coffee.

Reviewer: (2012) Jon from Ilkeston   5 Stars
The distinctive taste of this coffee made it a real treat. the price wasn't bad either. I will definitely buy again as the service was outstanding!!!

Reviewer: (2012) Jamie from Swansea   5 Stars
Great website, fantastic service, amazing coffee. I will definitely be using The Love of Coffee again. Many Thanks!

Reviewer: (2012) Maria from Glasgow   5 Stars
Dear The Love of Coffee: I just wanted to add a review to your site. 'Purchased the Kopi Luwak and Jamacain Blue Mountain coffee beans as an unusual Father's Day gift. The delivery service was excellent and very quick with Customer Services being the best I have experienced in a long time. I had emailed to ask for a Kopi Luwak certificate to be included in my delivery as it was a gift - not only did I get an immediate, polite and friendly reply but the coffee and certificate arrived the next day. I have not tried the coffees as I left my Dad savouring the choice but the delicious smell when I opened the delivery pack was amazing. I have no hesitation to recommend The Love of Coffee and definitely will be using them again for Dad's birthday and to treat myself to some of their exotic coffees. Thank you for the excellent service, exciting collection and fair pricing'. Truely excellent service and look forward to ordering more coffee in the near future.

Reviewer: (2012) Adam from Birmingham   4 Stars
Having seen this on various cooking programs i was determined to try it. I wasnt disappointed, it has a great and unique flavour and i will be buying more as gifts in the future. Give it a try!!

Reviewer: (2012) George from Essex   5 Stars
I bought this as a present so haven't actually tasted it yet (although I am certainly looking forward to sharing a cup very soon)! Excellent price and very quick secure delivery.

Reviewer: (2012) Nat from chelmsford   5 Stars
The 5 star rating is for the excellent service and delivery rather than the coffee itself, which is a present for a friend.

Reviewer: (2012) David from Northwood, Middlesex   5 Stars
I just HAD to try this coffee! I saw a piece on TV about the making of it and was eager to give it a go! There is something about drinking the most expensive coffee ever ever ever that is really satisfying. The flavour is quite rich and is equally tasty drunk as a latte as when drunk black. Quite smooth with not a hint of a bitter after-taste. I will certainly be buying more. A great talking point at the dinner table!

Reviewer: (2012) Cathy from Leicester   5 Stars
I LOVE Coffee and just had to try this ..... I was not disappointed - Strong flavour but no bitter after taste - I took it into work to share the experience and it was a BIG hit - think a few of my colleagues will be placing and order in the not distance future - Coffee lovers ... give it a go !!!!

Reviewer: (2012) Ricki from Kent   5 Stars
I brought this as a present for my son-in-law who has wanted to try it for a long time, so I haven't actually tried it. This was the best price I could find on the net and I was very impressed with the speed of delivery. I will definity be buying again.

Reviewer: (2012) Jane from UK   5 Stars
I have really appreciated the first class customer service and amazing coffee.

Reviewer: (2012) Jan from Dorset   5 Stars
I bought this coffee as a gift for someone who really knows their coffee and had read about it. Thankfully the recipient shared their gift with me. It was really lovely, something to have on special occassions. I recently bought Bucket List on DVD and spotted the reference to Kopi Luwak coffee.

Reviewer: (2012) Jayne from BFPO - Germany   5 Stars
Fantastic customer service and super fast delivery to BFPO - really impressed. The coffee was bought for a present and the packaging looks very polished and professional.

Reviewer: (2012) Vikki from Peterborough   5 Stars
I too saw this coffee on Bucket List and thought it would be a good present for my husband who loves different coffee. He absolutely loved it and thought it was very tasteful and unusual hence the repurchase for his birthday next week.

Reviewer: (2012) Carl from Hull   5 Stars
Bought this coffee as a leaving gift for a colleague. Ordered at short notice and arrived quickly.

Reviewer: (2012) Ian from Leicester   5 Stars
Excellent service, outstandingly good products, guaranteed to receive fresh coffee every time. Will definitely shop again!

Reviewer: (2012) Dan from Essex, UK   5 Stars
Like a lot of people on here, I was intrigued after watching 'The bucket list' and I have to say the coffee is lovely. The first brew I made was very strong but even so the coffee didn't have the bitter after-taste you would expect from making it so strong. All-in-all a really nice, strong, smooth coffee with excellent service from the website. Fantastic!!

Reviewer: (2012) Danae from UK   5 Stars
Fantastic delivery. Fast and efficient. Felt very safe using my card on this site too. The coffee was a present for my dad, but i might have to get some for myself, It smells so delicious!

Reviewer: (2012) Danny from Southampton   5 Stars
Quite a distinctive taste, definitely worth a try :)

Reviewer: (2012) Colin from Belfast   4 Stars
Delicious coffee with a smooth finish and lovely lingering chocolately taste. Not as bitter as one would expect and perhaps lacked a little depth in flavour but nevertheless a great coffee. I guess you are paying a premium for the experience and excitement given the particularly interesting production methods, but overall I was not disappointed with either value or quality. As a first order from The Love of Coffee, I was very impressed with the ordering/delivery process. I placed my order mid morning on Friday and arrived into work on Monday morning with my fresh beans waiting to be ground which was an extra bonus.

Reviewer: (2012) Karen from Fife, Scotland   5 Stars
Some colleagues had been talking about Kopi Luwak coffee & I thought it would be a nice 'thank you' gift to my parents who look after after my wee dog every day ;o) The coffee arrived the day after I placed the order & the coffee went down a treat with my parents. Thanks to 'The Love of Coffee' for the great service - I will definately use you again & I think you will be receiving an order from my parents too, lol ;o)

Reviewer: (2012) Richard from Warrington   5 Stars
A tasty, smoothe, light coffee-not bitter & no 'typical' after taste! Well worth the price...for a treat! :-)

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