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Indian Monsoon Malabar

Our Price: £2.95
Product Description

100% Arabica

Indian Monsoon Malabar

Perfect for: Espresso / Filter

Strength: Medium, Strong or Very Strong

Type: Origin

Region: Indian

Flavour: Exposed to the monsoon winds in open warehouses to increase the body and reduce the acidity. Sweet & smooth unlike any other coffee in the world.

We now offer this coffee in a choice of three roasts

Medium (medium roast)
A medium roast enhances the low acidity with notes of musky spice present in the cup.

Strong (dark roast)
Roasted to a light Italian Roast, this enables the smooth sweet flavour of the monsooned coffee to develop in the bean. The result is a full flavoured espresso with ‘sweet’ notes.
Very Strong (extra dark roast)
Monsooning reduces the acid content in this light Indian coffee. The extra dark roast gives it a lot of punch in the espresso without the harsh notes found in other coffees when roasted to this colour.

Monsooning – leaving the coffee beans in the warm, wet monsoon winds expands the coffee beans turning them white. The process sweetens the coffee beans and leaves a smooth mellow flavour to the coffee taste.

Monsooned coffee is directly exposed to the monsoon winds in open warehouses, this increases the body and reduces the acidity. Picked in the Malabar region of India, this coffee is excellent as an espresso coffee when dark roasted…offering a sweetness to the brew. It also blends very well with other coffees to enhance the flavours.

Hand Sorting Indian Monsoon Malabar Beans

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews
Write a review and share your experience to help other customers at The Love Of Coffee!

Reviewer: (2020) Lesley from Kent   5 Stars

Wonderful coffee. Excellent service . Thank you.

Reviewer: (2020) Dave from Hampshire   5 Stars

This is my second time of ordering and the beans always have turned up before time, I have ordered a number of taster bags and have been delighted on both occasions of the beans that i have purchased and the great taste every time. My wife of 30years has recently started drinking coffee this is something never heard of before.

Reviewer: (2020) Doreen from Wigan   5 Stars

Always fantastic service from this company. All different beans are delicious. Thank you.

Reviewer: (2020) Joe from Suffolk   5 Stars

Excellent service, coffee arrived as described and well packaged. The level of detail and choice offered by the website is amazing and allows searching for specific requirements, like strength, and also to discover new flavours. Also learnt about the different grind coarseness depending on type of coffee machine. Awesome.

Reviewer: (2020) Matt from Liverpool   5 Stars

The best thing about lockdown has been finding the love of coffee. I used to spend money every day on average coffee from the high street. Now I pay less for incredible coffee. Try the Indian Monsoon Malabar (strong). You can then thank me later.

Reviewer: (2020) Colin from Fife   5 Stars

Best coffee company around great service great coffee.

Reviewer: (2020) Ian from Cleveland   5 Stars

Absolutely brilliant as usual. The coffee is fresh and wonderful each time and is only rivalled by the excellent service.

Reviewer: (2020) Margaret from London   5 Stars

Great service from this company. Great coffee but keep going back to Indian Monsoon Malabar.

Reviewer: (2020) Bruce from Mid Wales   5 Stars

Superb service. Superb coffee.

Reviewer: (2020) Sue from London   5 Stars

Fantastic coffee, Thank you!

Reviewer: (2020) Jacqueline from Hampshire   5 Stars

Good service, and enjoying trying some varied coffees.

Reviewer: (2020) Nalini from London   5 Stars

I have been a regular customer of Love of Coffee for some years,so much so that I hardly by ground or Nescafe from Tesco, Sainsbury etc. I always buy the Monsoon Malabar Coffee, which suits my South Indian filtered coffee needs. The postal service of Love of Coffee is excellent, the quality of the grind is excellent, the taste of the Monsoon Malabar is soul satisfying. Everyone in my family loves this coffee, with or without milk. I now do not buy Nescafe, or ground coffee from Tesco or Sainsbury which are my local supermarket small outlets. I would recommend this coffee to all Coffee lovers.

Reviewer: (2020) Angela from Wakefield   5 Stars

Lovely coffee - our favourite! Excellent service, arrived on time - nothing bad to report. Thank you

Reviewer: (2020) Colin from Scotland   5 Stars

Best online coffee company I have found great range of coffee.

Reviewer: (2020) Ian from South Glamorgan   5 Stars

Prompt delivery. Quality product. Changed the whole way I think about coffee.

Reviewer: (2020) Denyse from Ormskirk   5 Stars

Great service. Great coffee. Need I say more!

Reviewer: (2020) Claire from Staffordshire   5 Stars

Fab coffee and service! Would definitely recommend!

Reviewer: (2020) John from Leicestershire   5 Stars

An excellent roaster where there is access to a wide selection of coffees from around the world which come in at various price points. Several purchases have been made and the products have arrived promptly even with basic postage. Favourite coffees so far are Indian monsoon malabar and the Old brown Java.

Reviewer: (2020) Margaret from London   5 Stars

I have only been buying coffee here for a relatively short time. However I have been very satisfied with the quality of the products purchased and the service given. Lots of choice and very nice chocolate covered beans too.

Reviewer: (2020) David from North Wilts   5 Stars

Although not the cheapest their coffee is probably the best I've had especially if like me you like a really dark roast.

Reviewer: (2020) Stephanie from Cornwall   5 Stars

Purchased three packs of coffee. They arrived quickly, well packaged. We have really enjoyed trying something new and will certainly order again.

Reviewer: (2020) Mark from Dursley   5 Stars

Excellent coffee delivery fast.

Reviewer: (2020) Susan from Derbyshire   5 Stars

Smashing company to deal with. Speedy prompt service and just what I wanted. Many thanks.

Reviewer: (2020) Wayne from Northampton   5 Stars

I have recently started making cold brew coffee and have ordered 3 different coffees from The Love of Coffee. My first batch of the Monsoon Malabar is absolutely perfect, the strength and flavours are amazing, the coarse grind no doubt helps. Looking forward to trying batches of the other 2 coffees bought but will definitely be getting more Monsoon Malabar. Great service and so much choice. Thank you.

Reviewer: (2020) Mike from Flintshire   5 Stars

Excellent range of coffee's. Very competitive prices. Fast delivery. That's why I buy 90% of my coffee. From "The Love of Coffee" The other 10%, " Shock, Horror" is ground coffee.

Reviewer: (2019) John from Somerset   5 Stars

I have bought Monsoon Malabar elsewhere over the last few years but it is always pre packed. I have bought books on coffee and have tried just about everything to make the delicious coffee my father used to make with an old hand coffee grinder when we lived in Marseille in France. At last I think I have a coffee nice enough to save the frustration of continuing that search!

Reviewer: (2019) Sylwia from Manchester   5 Stars

I have been ordering coffee from The Love Of Coffee for the past year. I was never disappointed by the quality of coffee or service. I love every coffee I bought. Thank you.

Reviewer: (2019) U from NW   5 Stars

Good /speedy service.

Reviewer: (2019) Nicholas from Hampshire   5 Stars

Love the Monsoon Malibar Coffee. Best I’ve ever had, anywhere. Delivered quickly. Well done ‘theloveofcoffee’ people.

Reviewer: (2019) Howard from London   4 Stars

I like monsoon malabar coffee and have tried and been disappointed with beans from multiple suppliers. I was interested to see if the beans from The Love of Coffee were better than my usual source (Waitrose AA beans). I followed the advice of previous reviewers and purchased beans with extra strong roast.

I was pleasantly surprised and would say that these are much better. Bold earthy flavor, smooth without acidity or bitterness. I recommend these and would purchase again.

Reviewer: (2018) Peter from Suffolk   5 Stars

Excellent quality and choice of roast. Liked the very dark roast, but loved the dark roast. Will order again.

Reviewer: (2018) Doug from Wales   5 Stars

Very prompt delivery. I have always enjoyed the coffee from Love of Coffee. I have never had any personal dealing s with the team there, I have always ordered online. My past experience with the coarse ground coffees I have ordered has always been very good.

Reviewer: (2018) Claire from Staffordshire   5 Stars

Fantastic service, very helpful and love the coffee beans!

Reviewer: (2018) Robert from Hertfordshire   5 Stars

A very smooth coffee indeed with no bitterness. I use it for flat white coffee and vary the strength depending on the time of day (I have an espresso machine) - full strength to start the day dropping to mild for an evening drink. This particular coffee is very well suited for espresso machines and if very 'moreish'.

Reviewer: (2018) John from Norfolk   5 Stars

With relatives living in India, I have long enjoyed their coffee and your product is well up to standard, as is the service.

Reviewer: (2018) Michael from Plymouth   5 Stars

Excellent service, wide choice of taste and flavours. Brilliant.

Reviewer: (2018) Leigh from Talybont   5 Stars

Best coffees I have tasted, really fresh, will stick with you for all my coffee orders! Posted quick and customer service was excellent.

Reviewer: (2018) Sandra from Shropshire   5 Stars

Amazing coffee in fantastic packaging, easy website to use and super delivery......we are a little addicted to your Indian Monsoon it gets you through the day and tastes divine.

Reviewer: (2018) Angela from Wakefield   5 Stars

Lovely coffee! Fast delivery! Thank you.

Reviewer: (2018) Simon from Sheffield   5 Stars

Coffee came on time, delicious and perfectly roasted.

Reviewer: (2018) Patrick from Lincoln   5 Stars

Brought for my sons birthday present as he is wanting to try different ones he was very impressed thanks again sure I’ll be purchasing.

Reviewer: (2018) Ian from Billingham   5 Stars

The Search is Over... we finally found the perfect Bean!!! After lots of searching tasting and failures, we found a perfect bean, and roast. It's now the bean of choice for all the staff and our go to bean.

Reviewer: (2018) Jackie from Carmarthenshire   5 Stars

About half way through our order and marking each one out of ten. So far highest is 7 for Indian Monsoon Malabar. Great way to find a favourite. Still got Colombian to try and think this may be the one. Excellent service and wonderful choice.

Reviewer: (2018) Mike from Flintshire   5 Stars

Excellent range of coffees at competitive prices. The taste notes are very helpful in deciding which coffee to purchase. Efficient delivery.

Reviewer: (2018) Robin from Warwickshire   5 Stars

I have been buying my Coffee Beans from TLOC for at least two years and can confirm a 5 Star Review for Choice, Price, Delivery, Packaging, Quality, Freshness, Shelf Life and Customer Services. Not just on your 1st delivery but each and every time!

Reviewer: (2018) Pauline from North Wales   5 Stars

Highly recommend these very flavourful coffee beans. I keep on coming back for more.

Reviewer: (2018) Gordon from Scotland   5 Stars

I purchased three very different coffees for my wife, as she is the coffee connoisseur of the family. It is very difficult for me to give any star rating other than 5, for each of the coffees. The Indian Malabar, she says is just a fantastic first cup in the morning coffee, strong, smooth and sets you up for the day. Her view on the Viennese Blend is that this is an extremely smooth and silky coffee and can easily be consumed all day. With the Colombian Decaff, this is her absolute "go to" coffee in the evening, as she tries very hard to come off caffeine particularly later on at night. All in all therefore, an absolute winner with all three coffees, all different, all fantastic, and thanks again for your prompt and efficient delivery of the goods, particularly so close to Christmas.

Reviewer: (2018) Michael from Devon   5 Stars

Great service and great Coffee.

Reviewer: (2017) Sue from Suffolk   5 Stars

Tried this as part of a sample of four - what an amazing taste. Now my favourite coffee! Really pleased with my order and so good to be able to buy different types of ground. No more powdery coffee from the cafetiere!

Reviewer: (2017) Breige from Northern Ireland   5 Stars

I ordered a few different coffees to try as I am a first time costumer, I'm not a lover of very strong coffees so I ordered the Colombian Decaf, this is an excellent tasting Decaf, next was the Indian monsoon Malabar also a very nice mild tasting coffee and very easy on the palate, I also ordered the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Rocko Mountain, personally this was my least favourite as I found this coffee to have a very strong after taste. The coffees came packed very well and within two days, excellent service and I will be ordering more coffees to try.

Reviewer: (2017) Kathryn from Acharacle   5 Stars

The coffee beans and delivery are great.

Reviewer: (2017) Pauline from North Wales   5 Stars

I have tried many variations of Monsoon Malabar and these beans roasted to Strong are the best of the lot. I would highly recommend these to any coffee drinker. Will be buying more.

Reviewer: (2017) Heather from Benbecula, Scotland   5 Stars

Really gorgeous coffees. Brilliant fast service. Excellent. Thank you.

Reviewer: (2017) Linda from Surrey   5 Stars

Great service, really quick delivery of simply fabulous tasty coffee - thank you.

Reviewer: (2017) Chris from Southend, Essex   5 Stars

This is the first time I have used 'the love of coffee' and found their service and coffee impeccable. Firstly, the coffee. I was looking for something very strong this time and although some coffee sellers talk about strong coffee, most do not describe it as such and therefore I have tried many but not really found one to my taste. Until now. Here, the description was 'very strong' and very strong it was. Their no nonsense taste and strength descriptions were bang on. Fantastic coffee, packed fresh and tasting magnificent. The service was amazingly quick with the package arriving within 48 hrs and their email communication was excellent. I will continue to use 'the love of coffee' without exception. Thank you.

Reviewer: (2017) Pauline from Bolton   5 Stars

Easy to order. Arrived on time. Excellent service - excellent coffee. I love the choice available.

Reviewer: (2017) Richard from Kent   5 Stars

Superb, as usual, lovely variety, excellent quality and well worth the money.

Reviewer: (2017) Gavin from Kent   5 Stars

Great choice of coffee with detailed information. Speedy delivery as ever.

Reviewer: (2017) Neil from Liverpool   5 Stars

The nicest coffee I've had. You can't buy this locally. Which should I try next though?

Reviewer: (2017) William from Rochdale   5 Stars

Excellent service with fast delivery. Very good quality coffee and excellent taste. Ground as required.

Reviewer: (2017) Tosh from Manchester   5 Stars

Excellent service...bold, rich coffee and will continue to try other selections.

Reviewer: (2017) David from Ayrshire   5 Stars

It is great that you can try all different kind's of coffee that don't cost so much and that you can pick flavoured and strong coffees. And get them delivered straight to your door and very quick delivery. Many Thanx.

Reviewer: (2017) Lisa from Cheshire   5 Stars

Quick service and delivery. Coffee smells strong even before opening the bags.

Reviewer: (2016) George from Aberdeen   5 Stars

Great selection of coffee grind it the way you want. Won't buy from anybody else.

Reviewer: (2016) R from Warwickshire   5 Stars

Definitely my favourite. Being a strong coffee, it makes an excellent and delicious Cappuccino. Very moreish! As always, my order was processed and delivered promptly!

Reviewer: (2016) Rob from London   5 Stars

High quality coffee with a matching service. Will use again.

Reviewer: (2016) Alan from Leicester   5 Stars

Just received my coffee today, only ordered it late Tuesday night. Great service as usual don''t buy coffee from anywhere else. I have bought several varieties from here now and I've enjoyed everyone.

Reviewer: (2016) Simon from Worcestershire   5 Stars

Excellent choice and excellent service. Already recommended to my family and friends. Will be buying all my beans from here in the future.

Reviewer: (2016) Ian from Norfolk   5 Stars

Excellent service once again and excellent product. Great value for money.

Reviewer: (2016) Robin from Rugby   5 Stars

Still my affordable favourite and the one that hits all the right buttons for me!

Reviewer: (2016) Mike from Douglas, The Isle Of Man   5 Stars

Ok well I not one for leaving reviews but well I keep coming back here so.... I tried lots of blends now have gone round all the Origins trying to locate my perfect cup.... So far from all I have tasted Indian Monsoon Malabar is the one for now! Always quick and well preserved and well I'm based on a little rock in the Irish sea so has that extra hop to make it over to me! Great service great coffee & I'll always keep coming back for more! Seal of approval from me for anyone after good coffee!

Reviewer: (2016) Peter from South Wales   5 Stars

Have ordered and tried a variety of beans and found Dark Italian Blend to our taste. Indian Monsoon Malabar extra strong extraordinary. Choice of beans and service excellent.

Reviewer: (2016) Arnold from County Durham   5 Stars

Excellent coffee. Very fast delivery. Recommended.

Reviewer: (2016) Mark from Essex   5 Stars

Swift & efficient service and the coffee was pretty good too!

Reviewer: (2016) Sogol from Haworth   5 Stars

Excellent mild and very mellow coffee for chilling out with. The coffee equivalent of afternoon tea. For increased depth of flavour mix half & half with Colombian organic

Reviewer: (2016) Danielle from West Sussex   5 Stars

Been buying coffee off here for my hubby and he loves it. Coffee is great and efficient service.

Reviewer: (2016) R Bailey from Rugby, Warwickshire   5 Stars

My favourite to date is the ''Indian Monsoon Malabar (Extra Strong). I order the 250g pack and to add a little variety, I also order a 250g pack of a different coffee. This method allows me to explore different coffees, whilst still retaining my favourite. In my opinion, the coffee beans last longer when stored in an airtight container. I swear by the ''Airscape'' containers.

Reviewer: (2016) Gareth from Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides   5 Stars

Extra Dark Roast Monsoon Malabar is my regular coffee. I brew using a stove top espresso maker and it is consistently great! The deep rich flavour is perfect for espresso. It is everything you'd expect from TLOC. I have no problem recommending this site to family and friends. I have been buying coffee from TLOC for several years and the service has always been second to none. Even living here on the edge of the north Atlantic, the service has been great and delivery really fast. Thanks TLOC!

Reviewer: (2016) Nick from Hampshire   5 Stars

Great coffee, 100% service, will use next time and thank you.

Reviewer: (2016) Sam from South Yorkshire   5 Stars

I was very happy with my order and your prompt service. My order was delivered 2 days after I placed it and was packaged really nicely. I bought the coffee for my husband who is very impressed with it and will be ordering from you himself in the future. Many thanks.

Reviewer: (2016) Keith from Derbyshire   5 Stars

The best coffee which I have ever tasted. Delicious in every respect & perfect for me. (You have to like very strong coffee for this one though). I am now a dedicated fan of "The Love of Coffee" and I shall be a regular and frequent customer and consumer. Many thanks for a great service all round: great coffee, great packaging and great delivery service, thanks to the postal service.

Reviewer: (2016) Darren from Lincolnshire   5 Stars

Ordered a few days before Christmas and delivered next day. Excellent service and excellent coffee.

Reviewer: (2016) Sharon from Surrey   5 Stars

Customer service is excellent. My initial order arrived incomplete but was rectified immediately. Have tried 2 of the 5 coffees and very impressed with both. Will order again.

Reviewer: (2016) Cathy from North East   5 Stars

Excellent service, and the coffee is just delicious will lots of varities to chose from, will be back for more.

Reviewer: (2016) Steven from Edinburgh   5 Stars

This is my favourite of coffees offered. I like the dark roast (as opposed to very dark). It took me a while to find a good all rounder, but the pursuit was well worth it. The coffee has tremendous flavour, low acidity and a remarkable aroma. I also mix this coffee with a lighter roast, for a less intense, but very smooth coffee.

Reviewer: (2015) Simon from London   5 Stars

Excellent and reliable service as always.

Reviewer: (2015) Robin from Rugby, Warwickshire   5 Stars

I'm struggling to decide whether I prefer this Old Brown Java or the Indian Monsoon Malabar (Extra Strong). This is a tad sweeter and slightly less bitter but both are delicious, strong, with a beautiful aroma and make an excellent Cappuccino........ I may alternate between the two :)

Reviewer: (2015) Ann from South Woodham Ferrers, Essex   5 Stars

Speedy delivery, lovely flavours from 4 varieties. I will come again.

Reviewer: (2015) Robin from Rugby, Warwickshire   5 Stars

First time purchaser and very impressed. I found it easy to navigate the website and selected coffee by strength. I wanted a strong coffee and opted for the Extra Strong version. Very Impressed, a strong dark colour, lovely aroma and very enjoyable! Stored in an Airscape Airtight Container for 28 days with no apparent loss of quality.

Reviewer: (2015) PAGC from Aberdeenshire   5 Stars

As always, fast service and roasting spot on. My current favourite is Indian Monsoon Malabar (strong), 15g to 40ml, dash of milk and hint of sugar -smooth, rich, heavenly!

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