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Herbal Tisanes Loose Tea

Use at least 1 Tablespoon per cup and steep for 5 minutes. Remove after this time as the brew tends to sour.
Blackcurrant Leaves - Herbal Tisane
Dried bramble leaves, crushed to aid extraction. Used in herbal medicine for diuretic problems, also for bleeding gums, coughs and arthritis.
from £6.27
Chamomile Flowers - Herbal Tisane
[star-value] Stars 1 Review(s)
The curative powers of this herb earned it the name of plants physician. A slightly bitter tea which reportedly acts as a soothing sedative and can be drunk in the evening to assure a peaceful night.
from £5.81
Comfrey (Leaf) Cut - Herbal Tisane
The healing herb for sprains and swellings. This herb is made from the ground root and leaves.also said to be recommended for ulcers.
from £4.36
Dandelion - Herbal Tisane
From the French dent de lion either the leaf, or the yellow flower. High in vitamin A and rich in calcium and potassium. Said to aid liver & kidney complaints.
from £4.36
Elderflower - Herbal Tisane
Honey-like, but slightly bitter, said to be a cure for colds & flu.
from £6.52
Fennel (Leaf) - Herbal Tisane
Fennel tea makes a soothing brew for the digestive system. Reduces appetite, so can be used in line with a slimming regime. The taste is enhanced with the addition of a slice of orange.
from £5.60
Ginger Root Kibbled - Herbal Tisane
Kibbled dried broken parts of the ginger root. Promotes sweating for feverish ailments. Also taken for travel sickness, nausea, menstrual pain and morning sickness.
from £4.98
Hibiscus (Fine Cut) - Herbal Tisane
Brewed for a hot or cold tea. Has high content of vitamin C. Reduces blood pressure, prevents build up of plaque in the arteries and is a diuretic.
from £5.14
Lavender - Herbal Tisane
Steep dried flowers in boiling water for several minutes, strain & serve hot or cold with honey, lemon or sugar. Purported to relieve headache.
from £6.52
Lemon Grass - Herbal Tisane
Infused leaves making a refreshing tea. As a strong brew it has properties used externally for rheumatic aches & pains or taken for indigestion and gastric upsets.
from £4.80
Lemon Verbena Cut - Herbal Tisane
Infuse in boiling water. Effectively will reduce fever is a sedative and aids indigestion.
from £10.75
Lime Flower Cut - Herbal Tisane
Steep 5 or 6 flowers in hot, but not boiling water. Drink hot or cold for a pleasant brew.
from £10.80
Mate Cut (Yerba Mate) - Herbal Tisane
Has a similar taste to green tea. Has a high caffeine content. May benefit the immune system, relieve allergies.
from £2.55
Mint (Rubbed) - Herbal Tisane
The most famous and popular of herbs. Reportedly helps upset stomachs, nausea, lack of appetite, poor circulation, rheumatics, chills and influenza.
from £2.55
Nettle - Herbal Tisane
A light infusion. Traditionally a remedy for rheumatic pains.
from £3.06
Peppermint (Cut) - Herbal Tisane
[star-value] Stars 1 Review(s)
A bright refreshing flavour, used as an aid to digestion. Also has properties of: anxiety & stress relief, decongestant, suppresses appetite & reduces stomach gas & bloating.
from £5.05
Raspberry (Leaf) - Herbal Tisane
Believed to help frigidity, menstrual discomfort, labour pains and menopause.
from £3.38
Rooibos - Herbal Tisane
Similar characteristics to Orange Pekoe tea, lightly fragrant and a delightful aroma. Free from caffeine and almost free from tannin. Can be served hot or cold with milk or lemon to taste.
from £5.27
Rooibos Vanilla - Herbal Tisane
The same as Rooibos but with natural vanilla flavouring added to sweeten the brew.
from £5.27
Rosehip - Herbal Tisane
Dried and chopped. Rose hip tea is very nutritional as it has a high vitamin C content, good for colds and bronchial infections.
from £3.71
Strawberry Leaves - Herbal Tisane
Dried strawberry leaves. Has a strong acidic flavour, smelling quite fragrant and sweet. Used as a laxative, diuretic and astringent (for diarrhoea).
from £4.68
Thyme Rubbed Leaves - Herbal Tisane
Rubbed thyme leaves, to help break down the texture to release the oils. High antioxidant content delays the onset of the ageing process, sight, brain & muscles. Also has antiseptic & antibacterial qualities.
from £4.05
Valerian Cut - Herbal Tisane
Roots are cut & dried. Made as a tea for insomnia, nervous tension, anxiety, headaches and indigestion. Said to lower blood pressure.
from £6.79
Vervain Cut - Herbal Tisane
Verbena family. It is made from the dried stem and leaves of the plant. Used against insomnia, anxiety, tension & migraines. Used also for skin lotions and as a gargle for sore gums and mouth ulcers.
from £3.56

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