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Ethiopian Koke Honey Sidamo

Our Price: £5.95
Product Description

100% Arabica

Ethiopian Koke Honey Sidamo

Perfect for: Cafetiere / Filter / Espresso

Strength: Full Medium

Type: Speciality / Origin

Region: Ethiopia - Sidamo

Flavour: Big Strawberry flavours, with hints of Vanilla throughout and a Bergamot aftertaste.

Natural, dried on raised beds


Tree Variety
Heirloom Variety


For Filter / Cafetiere

Recommended Dose: 20 grams of coffee to 320 millilitres of water. Temp of Water 92 degrees.

Aroma Notes: Strawberries with a hint of Vanilla.

Tasting Notes: Big Strawberry flavours, with hints of Vanilla throughout and a Bergamot aftertaste.

Tactile Note: If you like Strawberries this is the coffee for you. A long black with no milk or sugar will be best to avoid losing the delicate flavours in this coffee.

For Espresso

Recommended Dose: 16 grams of coffee extract 32 millilitres of espresso. Temp of Water 93 degrees.

Aroma Notes: Strawberry with hints of Bergamot.

Tasting Notes: Dominant Strawberry flavour throughout with hints of Vanilla and Bergamot with a slightly dry finish.

Tactile Notes: A delicate coffee which will work well as an Americano with a splash of milk. Not recommended for the espresso enthusiast or Latte / Cappuccino lovers out there.

This type is grown in the Sidamo region south of the capital, Addis Ababa. It is the most southern and most productive province in the country. The region is well known for having ideal climate conditions for growing coffee. This is all due to high altitudes of between a 1600 - 1900 meters, ample rainfall, optimal temperature, and rich soil.

Washed Sidamos are typically high quality coffee with unique flavors like sweet lemon and floral, and an ideal balance between acidity and body. Sometimes this type can be compared favorably with coffee from the Yirgacheffe region.

For Ethiopian coffees, the Grade 2 signifies that the coffee is washed. Also, the difference between grade 1 and 2 is defined by the number of visible defects in the prep. If a coffee receives a grade 1 classification, it has 0 - 3 defects; this is rare! Grade 2 coffees allow 4 - 12 defects. Typically the quality of washed coffees is more consistent than that of unwashed coffees.


Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: (2018) Graham from Basildon   5 Stars
Excellent service and excellent coffee.

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