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Ethiopian Harrar Longberry Coffee | Ethiopian Coffee Beans | Origin | African

Ethiopian Harrar Longberry

Our Price: £3.65
Product Description

100% Arabica

Ethiopian Harrar Longberry

Perfect for: Cafetiere / Filter

Strength: Medium

Type: Origin

Region: African

Flavour: The coffee is shade grown and dry processed, so giving it it’s traditional smooth, fragrant, pleasant undertones of Berry, lemon, stone-fruit and dark chocolate.

This coffee is shade grown and dry processed, so giving it it’s traditional smooth, fragrant and pleasant undertones flavour. Its name comes from the characteristic shape of the bean. Often used to replace the Yemeni Moka because of its similarity.

Harrar region lies in the Eastern Highlands of Ethiopia. As one of the main growing regions in Ethiopia, Harrar has a reputation for producing distinctive wild-varietal Arabica. Once picked, the coffee can go through a variety of milling processes. Harrar beans are usually natural processed coffees, which produces the distinct berry notes it is most recognized for. Ethiopian Harrar can have a strong dry edge, winey to berry & stone fruit like acidity, rich aroma, and a heavy body. In the best Harrars one can observe an intense aroma of blueberries or blackberries.

Growing Altitude: 1510 - 2200 m

Harvest Period: October - February

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: (2022) Keith from Suffolk   5 Stars

Superb service. Had forgotten what real coffee tasted like.

Reviewer: (2022) Simon from London   5 Stars

Great coffee but slow delivery. May be the fault of the Royal mail.

Reviewer: (2021) Flavio from London   5 Stars

As always wonderful selection of fine and affordable coffees. Delivery was even faster. Strongly recommend.

Reviewer: (2021) John from Somerset   5 Stars

We purchased 2 Ethiopian coffees, the Longberry is a favourite and has a wonderful deep flavour with just a taste of the longed-for, and difficult-to-find, bergamont; Outstanding! The Yirgacheffe was almost as good, but both are worth the 5 star rating in my point of view.

Reviewer: (2021) John from Somerset   5 Stars

I ordered two Ethiopian coffees, took longer to be shipped over the Holiday week, but the coffees were excellent as usual.

Reviewer: (2020) Alan from Birmingham   5 Stars

With reference to the coffee, despite following the same method the taste seems to be dependent upon what I have recently eaten. Obvious really. Mind you, my choice to date of the Ethiopian been has been well chosen.

Reviewer: (2017) Ian from Fife   5 Stars

Excellent coffee, great service.

Reviewer: (2017) Katharine from Kent   5 Stars

Excellent beans. Simple to choose and order. Well packaged and swiftly delivered. Loved the thought behind a delayed delivery date for Christmas to ensure optimum freshness. My go to coffee.

Reviewer: (2016) Stephen from Saddleworth   5 Stars

IMHO the best tasting coffee ever... I'd recommend anyone to try this for themselves. Great speedy delivery and with a decent price, there's no real reason not to!

Reviewer: (2016) Tom from London   5 Stars

Excellent coffee and easy, quick service/delivery. The Harrar Longberry tastes as earthy and smooth as described and is very enjoyable. I grind the beans myself and brew with Aeropress. Highly recommended.

Reviewer: (2015) Lionel from Nottinghamshire   5 Stars

It was good to get good coffee. Will be buying from you again soon.

Reviewer: (2015) Irina from Hitchin   5 Stars

Excellent service, arrived very quickly and well packaged. Will definitely order again :)

Reviewer: (2015) Martin from Rotherham   5 Stars

Easy to use website and great choice. Kept updated with order status and came very quickly. Coffee is excellent have ordered from other sites but always some problem so I think Ive found my new supplier.

Reviewer: (2014) Derek from Isle of Man   4 Stars

The website didn't take my order properly but Sheldon sorted the order perfectly. The delivery charge to the Isle of Man with the love of coffee is higher than some competitors.

Reviewer: (2013) Ian from East Sussex   5 Stars

Harrar is absolutely my favourite coffee, and this is top notch. It can be hard to source so it's great to know I can now get some delivered the next day (and cheaper than other places too). I promise I'll try some others, but this is the one for me.

Reviewer: (2012) Mike from Preston,Lancashire   5 Stars

One of my favourite coffees great tasting aftertaste with a hint fruity flavours!!

Reviewer: (2012) Peter from London   4 Stars

Smooth coffee, very earthy.

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