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Reviewer: Ruth from Bedford   5 Stars
A World Of Coffee Gift Box & Speciality Collection Gift Box
- What a delightful company to order from! I placed my order and had a lovely chat about my new coffee machine and coffee in general with a knowledgeable and helpful gentleman. I ordered 2 selection packs and some Civit Cat coffee and we are slowly working our way through them. So far all have scored 8/10 or more for taste and we will certainly be ordering more in the future. Thank you!

Reviewer: Maire from Brentford   5 Stars
Origin Coffees Selection Pack - Fantastic service. Prompt next day delivery. Great quality coffee, wonderful having such a huge variety of beans to choose from, including fair trade options. Look forward to buying again.

Reviewer: Sarah from South Wales   5 Stars
Flavoured Coffee Selection Pack - My husband was really impressed with the coffees I bought for him!

Reviewer: Ken from South West Wales   5 Stars
Yemeni Matari - Excellent and very informative website. Delivery well packaged and quick. Yemeni Matari softer tasting and should improve with further experimentation regarding ratios.

Reviewer: Jackie from Liverpool   4 Stars
Espresso Collection 4 Bag Gift Box - I usually get the CREMA ESPRESSO (for my bean to cup machine) but thought this 4 pack would be a great way to taste other flavours too. I'm glad I did because now I've discovered the OLD BROWN JAVA and I'm in love! I'm going to order this from now on. The INDIAN MONSOON MALABAR is a bit too bitter for me and I'm afraid I don't like the COLOMBIAN EXCELSO that much - so 4 stars overall.

Reviewer: George from Slough   4 Stars
Blended Coffee Selection Pack -The coffee turned up the next day. I am still working my way through the four different blends which are great so far.

Reviewer: Alex from ROI   5 Stars
Yemeni Matari  -
Great coffee. Great service. 100%.
Reviewer: Julie from Lowestoft, Suffolk   5 Stars
Espresso Collection 4 Bag Gift Box - Extremely pleased with the service and product. I bought the coffee selection for my coffeeholic husband, he loves them, the quality and flavour is first class. Easy ordering, nice packing and fast delivery. I will definitely be using The Love of Coffee again and also recommend to family and friends.

Reviewer: Pamela from Southampton, Hants   5 Stars
Celebes Kalossi Taraja & Turkish Blend - Thanks again The Love of Coffee, excellent service, lovely fresh coffee, trying two new coffee's plus my usual Celebes Kaloss-Taraja this time, one being Turkish Blend, and the other Sumatra Mandheling. I have tried the Turkish one so far, and its perfect for my taste buds.

Reviewer: Roger from Plymouth   5 Stars
Blended Coffee Selection Pack - My first order of just Espresso ground did not last as long as I hoped it would. I have too many friends who also like GOOD coffee. My latest order has been funded by them but, we'll probably have more wonderful Good Coffee Appreciation Parties. Who needs ALCOHOL?
Reviewer: Leah from Basildon   5 Stars
Blended Coffee Selection Pack - I bought four blended coffee's. So far we've used two, Mountain Blend and San Marcos, they've been a smooth, tasty, rich coffee without the burnt taste or bitterness that so often accompanies supermarket bought coffees. Delivery was quick, using next day delivery which is well worth paying for when you're desperate for a decent cup of coffee! We thought our previous coffee supplier was good but The Love Of Coffee is even better. We'll definitely be buying from here again!
Reviewer: Vivienne from Edinburgh   5 Stars
Orange Mocha (Flavoured Coffee) - I was most impressed with the service which I received from The Love Of Coffee - it was my first time ordering my flavoured coffee from them. I unfortunately had ordered the wrong flavour initially and they were very quick to send me the correct one in exchange for the other one without any problems whatsoever. I haven't tried the coffee yet but based on the friendly service, I would definitely consider using them again.

Reviewer: Irina from Hitchin   5 Stars
Origin Coffees Selection Pack - Excellent service, arrived very quickly and well packaged. Will definitely order again :)
Reviewer: Leah from Essex   5 Stars
Celebes Kalossi Taraja - A very nice coffee. Slightly stronger tasting than our usual, but every bit as nice on it's own merits. This has a smooth taste without any bitterness.

Reviewer: Alex from Oundle   5 Stars
Kopi Luwak (Civet Cat Coffee) - Delivery was outstandingly quick and the coffee was of a high standard, ground to the right level for my cafetiere. Will certainly use this site again.

Reviewer: Neil from London   5 Stars
Origin Coffees Selection Pack - Order turned up very quickly and coffee was great. I ordered an Origin selection pack. Will order again because its very convenient and much better than anything you can get in the supermarket.
Reviewer: Leslie from Portpatrick, Wigtownshire   5 Stars
Sumatra Mandheling - Easy to order, excellent delivery time, excellent packaging & most importantly excellent coffee.

Reviewer: Lisa from Essex   5 Stars
Origin Coffees Selection Pack - Excellent service, especially the Old Brown Java. More orders to come, Thanks.
Reviewer: Paul from South wales   5 Stars
Kopi Luwak (Civet Cat Coffee) - Absolutely amazing stunning coffee well worth the price.

Reviewer: Anne from Hildenborough, Kent   5 Stars
Origin Coffees Selection Pack - Absolutely brilliant coffee for percolator will be ordering more before to long.
Reviewer: Penelope from Bushey Heath   5 Stars
Blue Mountain Jamaica - Lovely coffee, just perfect. Excellent packaging and delivery time. Overall, very pleased.

Reviewer: Monika from North Yorkshire   4 Stars
Cuban - A little bit strong Taste for me but enjoyed it. My husband said it's a rocket fuel (but he's used to drink latte :) )

Reviewer: Martin from West Susex   5 Stars
Kopi Luwak (Civet Cat Coffee) - I have to agree that this coffee is extremely smooth and does have a slightly sweeter flavour. I did notice it also has a seemingly stronger bouquet then most others I have tried including Blue Mountain. I would recommend that people at least give this a try.
Reviewer: Kate from Edinburgh   5 Stars
Colombian Decaf - When it comes to coffee I am a snob liking my coffee dark & strong with good flavour so when I was told to stop the coffee I was heart broken until I tried the Colombian decaf dark roast - it does not taste like decaf, it is absolutely fantastic and I actually prefer it to my other dark roast favourite Old Java. When it comes to coffee 'The Love Of Coffee' are No.1
Reviewer: David from Dorking   5 Stars
Kopi Luwak (Civet Cat Coffee) - Product was delivered to me just as described and at reasonable speed. I am pleased that 100g of coffee beans has afforded me several cups of coffee so far. The Kopi Luwak is certainly smooth on its taste and has an interesting and different flavour which is less bitter than my normal coffee beans. The jury is still out on whether I will order more for my own consumption. 100g of these beans would make a very nice gift for friends who are coffee lovers however.

Reviewer: Sophia from Abernethy   5 Stars
Flavoured Coffee Selection Pack - Great service - I made a mistake on my order which was rectified very quickly and with a friendly email. The coffee is lovely and having the correct grind for a percolator makes a big difference, thanks!

Reviewer: Daniel from Huddersfield   5 Stars
Kopi Luwak (Civet Cat Coffee) - Nice coffee and very quick delivery, professional.
Reviewer: PC from UK   5 Stars
Continental Blend - Best beans I can find on the net. Fair price and always a quick delivery.

Reviewer: Simon from East Riding of Yorkshire   5 Stars
Blue Mountain Jamaica & Sumatran (Oganic & Fairtrade) - The best coffee I've ever bought, simply: I won't be using a supermarket to buy some off the shelf ground beans. Super well ground and evoking a strong earthy scent that has drawn attention from even the non-coffee drinkers in the office!
Reviewer: Rob from London   5 Stars
Blended Coffee Selection Pack - Really good website, I found just what I was looking for (Blended Selection Pack of an assortment of coffee). Really good price, my order arrived really quickly & the coffee is great. Looking forward to using again & getting another selection pack of new Coffee.

Reviewer: Belinda from St Neots, Cambs   5 Stars
Flavoured Coffee Selection Pack - Absolutely my favourite coffee no bitterness just a smooth coffee. You can drink anytime of the day will certainly be buying again A*****.

Reviewer: Ann from Doncaster   5 Stars
Macadamia Nut (Flavoured Coffee) - Really like the coffee!
Reviewer: Shannon from North Wales   5 Stars
Flavoured Coffee Selection Pack - I found this website online when trying to find something for my dad on Father's Day, I ordered him 4 different flavoured coffees. Putting in mind that my dad is a coffee fanatic! Totally obsessed and VERY fussy with coffee! Likes really strong and only the best of quality coffee, putting all this into perspective I wasn't sure that this would be up to his standards. However he tried it today and LOVES it!! Would like to say a massive thank you as he is in love with this coffee! Very very pleased:) I can smell the coffee from the living room and it does smell gorgeous!
Reviewer: Carlie from Perth   4 Stars
Flavoured Coffee Selection Pack - Fast delivery only tried 2/4 flavours but would recommend. Thinking about ordering again.

Reviewer: Sandra from Loughborough   5 Stars
Indian Monsoon Malabar, Old Brown Java & Sumatra Mandheling - Excellent coffee and brilliant service from this company. Will definitely be returning for more. Thank you.

Reviewer: Vivienne from Scotland   5 Stars
Hazelnut (Flavoured Coffee) - This is my second order of coffee with The Love Of Coffee and they deliver on their promise. Coffee is amazing, I love waking up in the mornings to that freshly brewed coffee coming from my coffee machine. I've always loved flavoured coffees and was delighted to find a company that provides not only first class service but are passionate about their produce and their customers.

Reviewer: Monika from Gatenby   5 Stars
French Vanilla (Flavoured Coffee) - Beautiful coffee! Smells amazing from opening the coffee beans bag, through burring process and even better after brewing! Plus you can really taste the vanilla (as some shops sell vanilla coffee that smells like vanilla but you can't taste any after brewing). Definitely love this shop and this coffee.

Reviewer: Kathryn from Royston   5 Stars
Coffee Connoisseur Collection Gift Box - First order - purchased gift for Father's Day. Top notch customer service when I made a mistake with the order and very speedy delivery. The Blue Mountain, Kopi Luwak and Kona Hawaii are all fabulous coffees in their different ways. I recommend this company and will definitely buy again.

Reviewer: Stephen from North Yorkshire   4 Stars
Guatemala Maragogype
- The strong roast is, in my view the best of the two. It has a full rich flavour, all in all an excellent coffee. The only reason that I haven't given it five stars is that I have more coffee to sample and it's just possible there is a better one out there, but it will have to be good.
Reviewer: Dee from Leicester   5 Stars
French Vanilla (Flavoured Coffee) - Quick, efficient, and tasty coffee too!

Reviewer: Fran from Milton Keynes   5 Stars
Colombian (Organic & Fairtrade)
- Great product. Prompt delivery of order. Will definitely use again.
Reviewer: Janno from Merseyside   5 Stars
Double Chocolate (Flavoured Coffee)
- Lovely smooth coffee.
Reviewer: Christine from Berkhamsted   5 Stars
Origin Coffees Selection Pack - We couldn't find a decent instant coffee and decided to use our cafetière once again. Great idea to have a starter pack as we can try different ones until we have a favourite. Excellent service and kept informed about out of stock. Quick delivery. Great company to deal with.
Reviewer: Linda from Rossendale   5 Stars
Bobolink Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza, Yanaloma, Continental Blend & Sumatra Mandheling - Delicious coffee and excellent prompt service. Highly recommended.

Reviewer: Reece from Glasgow   5 Stars
Flavoured Coffee Selection Pack - Completely overjoyed with both the product and simplicity of the website... I will be shopping with you again and most definitely be recommending you to friends.
Reviewer: Alison from Midlands   5 Stars
Amaretto (Flavoured Coffee) - Excellent product and very efficient service.

Reviewer: Krisite from London   5 Stars
Creamy Caramel (Flavoured Coffee)
- The flavour of the coffee was superb. FAST delivery - ordered roughly 3 pm on Monday and it had arrived by 10am Tuesday!
Reviewer: Janice from Essex   5 Stars
Flavoured Coffee Selection Pack - Speedy service and excellent coffee!
Reviewer: Christine from Bournemouth   5 Stars
Origin Coffees Selection Pack - I always order from this company as the coffee is of excellent quality and the delivery is very quick.The African coffee is particularly good.
Reviewer: Stuart from Harrogate   5 Stars
Kopi Luwak (Civet Cat Coffee) - Very good and speedy service - had to amend the order last minute and this was done speedily and without further issues. Couldn't have asked for more.
Reviewer: Kenneth from Edinburgh   5 Stars
Origin Coffees Selection Pack - Excellent, polite and helpful service. Very quick delivery. Excellent coffee.
Reviewer: Simon from London   5 Stars
Indian Monsoon Malabar - Excellent coffee. Always fast and reliable service. More than happy!

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