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Reviewer: Mrs F. from Lincolnshire   5 Stars
Plain Dark Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans - These are honestly some of the best chocolate covered coffee beans I have tried. I have been searching high and low for the perfect balance of bitter sweet dark chocolate against suitably strong flavoured coffee beans but with no luck. Usually the coffee beans are too weak or the chocolate is waxy but not so these! Wonderful honestly. Fully recommend these and the customer service is very helpful with excellent communication. Now to try their coffee!

Reviewer: Taylor from Selby   5 Stars
Kopi Luwak (Civet Cat Coffee)The coffee arrived very promtply and very well wrapped. In honesty, I ordered this coffee with a friend as a pay day treat and something a little unusual to try. What we experienced was an amazing aroma on opening, and the smoothest, least bitter, most full-flavoured yet well balanced coffee I could have imagined. Really delicious. Great service from Thank you.

Reviewer: PAGC from Scotland   5 Stars
Indian Monsoon Malabar - Monsoon Malabar is one of my two all time favourites - smooth and full bodied with a touch of sweetness - ideal for espresso. Also mixes well with other coffees to give added richness. I have tried several other on-line suppliers, but The Love of Coffee seem to have got their roasting down to a fine art, and being able to buy in 100 g quantities gives more freedom to experiment with coffees which maybe one would not buy in larger amounts.

Reviewer: PAGC from Scotland   5 Stars
Sumatra Mandheling - This is one of my two all time favourites - ultra smooth, full bodied with chocolate undertones - ideal for espresso but also takes milk well. Have bought this from several suppliers but Love of Coffee seem to have hit the roasting spot on and provide a first class speedy service.

Reviewer: Colin from Liverpool   5 Stars
Dark Italian BlendI love this coffee,nice and strong with no hint of bitterness. My regular brew was Illy Dark Roast but from now on I'll be using this Italian blend on a regular basis.

Reviewer: Ron from Aberdeen   4 Stars
Papua New Guinea (Organic & Fairtrade) -Good coffee, well packed and dispatched quickly, web site also very easy to use with helpful information.

Reviewer: Jay from High Peak   5 Stars
Origin Coffee Selection PackLove the coffee and love the service. Thanks, Jay

Reviewer: Paul from Lancashire   5 Stars
Blended Coffee Selection Pack - Great quality beans with really accurate description of what you can expect from the beans. Quickly despatched and packaged well enough that it fits through the letter box.

Reviewer: Simon from Central London   5 Stars
Colombian Excelso (Fairtrade) - I would like to take this opportunity to thank The Love Of Coffee for supplying me within 24 Hours of ordering my purchase of Colombian Excelso (fairtrade) coffee. This is the best Colombian coffee I have ever had....honest!

Reviewer: Tim from Glasgow   5 Stars
French Vanilla (Flavoured Coffee)Loved French Vanilla coffee when I first went to Cape Cod. Hard to get it in UK, but fortunately found it on The Love of Coffee. Wonderful aroma - our kitchen always smells lovely! Taste is great too. Already put in an order for more!

Reviewer: Eileen from West Lothian   5 Stars
A World Of Coffee Gift Box - The recipient of your coffee was delighted with it (it was a birthday pressie). And I can say that the service I received from your Customer Services was excellent. I will definitely use your company again.

Reviewer: Calum from Kent   5 Stars
Kopi Luwak (Civet Cat Coffee)Excellent Coffee, excellent service!

Reviewer: Mabel from NW   5 Stars
Chocolate Mocha (Flavoured Coffee) Very good service, arrived quickly and was well-packed.

Reviewer: Julie from East Sussex   4 Stars

Kopi Luwak (Civet Cat Coffee)Excellent service. Fast postage. The coffee was a gift and was nicely wrapped ,iI' a convert and will happily try other new tastes in the future.

Reviewer: Andy from Braintree   5 Stars
Australian Skybury Plantation - Great service, arrived next working day. Site easy to use. Enjoyed moving around site being nosy. Never tasted coffee so fresh and the flavours are to die for. Only problem is I have drank all to quick and so have run out, don't worry, next order should be here today, so trying a new flavour tonight! Thank you for being here for me The Love Of Coffee! Also ordered some beans to eat, let you know soon how I get on.

Reviewer: Lynn from Essex   5 Stars
Flavoured Coffee Selection Pack - Really lovely coffee, service was really quick and had my order of coffee within a couple of days. Keep up the good work will be ordering from you again in the future.

Reviewer: Kesh from Northern Ireland   4 Stars
Kopi Luwak (Civet Cat Coffee) - Great service from TLOC. Arrived on the day i was expecting and well packaged. I had been drinking a Cuban blend before i ordered this but decided it was time to take on Kopi Luwak off the ole bucket list. I was expecting a strong coffee so wasnt shocked that it wasnt overly strong, though family thought it was quite strong. I found the Cuban blend alot stronger.

Reviewer: Colin from Belfast   4 Stars
Kopi Luwak (Civet Cat Coffee) - Delicious coffee with a smooth finish and lovely lingering chocolately taste.  Not as bitter as one would expect and perhaps lacked a little depth in flavour but nevertheless a great coffee. I guess you are paying a premium for the experience and excitement given the particularly interesting production methods, but overall I was not disappointed with either value or quality. As a first order from The Love of Coffee, I was very impressed with the ordering/delivery process.  I placed my order mid morning on Friday and arrived into work on Monday morning with my fresh beans waiting to be ground which was an extra bonus.

Reviewer: Dean from Falmouth   5 Stars
Indian Monsoon Malabar - This is a really, really nice smooth coffee with some strength to it. The first cup of the day is the "Dark Italian Blend" to get me going and then it's the "Indian Monsoon Malabar" for the rest of the morning. Again, I make my coffee using a mocha pot and this coffee is excellent done this way, but I couldn't tell you what it's like making it using other methods. It has a real rich taste and is good for lattes.

Reviewer: Dean from Falmouth   5 Stars
Dark Italian Blend (Organic & Fairtrade) - I use this coffee in a mocha pot for my morning, full strength, "wake me up" cup of coffee and it is excellent. I like strong coffee, and this is defiantly strong when made in a mocha pot. I couldn't tell you what it's like when made using other methods as I've not tried it.

Reviewer: Truly from Cheshire   5 Stars
One Of Each Selection Pack - I ordered this pack to serve at a party, massive value for money and beautifully fragranced coffee, service was exceptional will definitely buy again :-) The cappuccino chocolate coffee beans taste exquisite.

Reviewer: Kevin from Chelmsford   5 Stars
Origin Coffee Selection Pack - As a new coffee drinker I decided to order a selection of coffees to help decide what was right for me. I found the website had a lot of useful information to help narrow down the types of coffee's I would be interested in. When I got the selection of coffees I ordered they were far fresher than other coffee's I had before. The taste was very smooth and how described on the website. My experience has been so good that I will be throwing the other coffee I have in the house away and have placed another order to replace it. Thanks and well done to the Love of Coffee team.

Reviewer: Julie from Dorset   5 Stars
Kopi Luwak (Civet Cat Coffee) - Absolutely first class service. I ordered several different coffee blends as well as Kopi Luwak as Christmas presents, they arrived the next day even though I had requested 2nd class postal delivery. A small hiccup with my order was sorted out immediately - customer service is top notch! Thank you!

Reviewer: Hiram from Up North   5 Stars
Colombian (Organic & Fairtrade)
- Can easily taste and smell why this is so popular. Easy coffee to drink all day. And a decaf version perfect for a late evening coffee too. Splendid service as well. Would recommend this to others.

Reviewer: Hiram from Up North   5 Stars
Medium Roast Blend - Just started grinding/brewing my own coffee. I bought a 100G pack of this medium roast, and set the machine setting to medium. Have to say it turned out to be lovely coffee, no bitterness and easily drinkable! Very nice indeed and super fat service. Will be ordering more of this soon.

Reviewer: Graham from Milton Keynes   5 Stars
French Vanilla (Flavoured Coffee) - Very enjoyable.

Reviewer: Nicola from Liverpool   5 Stars
Origin Selection Gift Box - Excellent service and speedy response times to queries. Very happy with all products and thoroughly enjoyed the coffees.

Reviewer: Simon from Hampshire   5 Stars
Flavoured Coffee Selection Pack - I have never ordered Coffee before, my wife brought me a coffee machine and recommended this site. Easy to use site, good value and fast delivery. I will be ordering again, Very chuffed :)

Reviewer: Mr Davidson from Edinburgh   5 Stars
I drank the odd cup of coffee now and again never much bothered. TBH, that is till I won a percolator in a Xmas raffle. I went to a well known store in Edinburgh bought some beans and got a shock at the prices they were asking for and nearly ditched the perk there and then. Not to be put off purely by the dent my wallet took from my visit to V&C I hunted online to see if I could find a cheaper source for my beans and I found TLOC £15 or so I spent on 5 bags, now I'm hooked I look forward to the re-order once my stash goes down I've put 2 orders in in as many months I've got the world of coffee only an email away my favourite so far which is Amaretto with Old Brown Java the only bag Ive ordered on both occasions. I've still got plenty off different coffees to try from all around the world TLOC makes it a tad easier with the prices they charge, so if you have a spare £10/£12 this month treat yourself to some coffee you wont regret it.

Reviewer: Yeomanis from UK   5 Stars
Old Brown Java - Unbeatable richness without bitterness. A superb base for blending with more perky beans.

Reviewer: John from Birmingham   5 Stars
Chocolate, Hazelnut & Vanilla (Flavoured Coffee) - Really quick delivery and great coffee. Love the choc/hazel and vanilla.

Reviewer: Gareth from Outer Hebrides   5 Stars
Indian Monsoon Malabar - I have been a customer of TLOC for several years now.  I have received consistently great coffee very quickly despite living in a very remote and rural place. On one occasion, I received a different coffee from the one I ordered But TLOC rectified it without question and very efficiently. So, not only do I get fantastic coffee, but I get great service as well.

Reviewer: Ruth from St Helens   5 Stars
Blended Coffee Selection Pack - In the past, I have bought our coffee at the local supermarket, but I wanted a coarse ground blend for our percolator. I found it easy to navigate the website and our order arrived quickly. I had to use slightly more coffee to achieve the desired strength, but I was expecting this with the coarser grind and it was delicious. I tend to need to add sugar to very bitter coffee, but didn't have to with the Breakfast Blend. It was nice not to have any bits in our drinks, so I will definitely be ordering coarse ground again. I ordered 4 of the 100g trial size packs and, so far, the Breakfast Blend gets the thumbs up. Now looking forward to trying the Connaisseur, Brazilian and Dark Roast blends.

Reviewer: Yvonne from Aberdeen   5 Stars
Colombian Swiss Water Decaf - After stumbling on this site I thought I would give this coffee a go. I find it hard to find a flavourful decaff coffee which I have a last found. I have ordered their decaff coffee a few times now. Also I bought the 4 flavoured selection coffee as a secret Santa for a work colleague, which she is enjoying. Worth the extra pennies.

Reviewer: Elizabeth from Nottinghamshire   5 Stars
Peru (Organic & Fairtrade) - Excellent coffee and excellent service.

Reviewer: Derek from Isle of Man   4 Stars
Ethiopian Harrar Longberry - The website didn't take my order properly but Sheldon sorted the order perfectly. The delivery charge to the Isle of Man with the love of coffee is higher than some competitors.

Reviewer: Jamie from Essex   5 Stars
A World Of Coffee Gift Box - Really helpful on the telephone and coffee was beautifully packaged. Would definitely recommend.

Reviewer: S Jardine from Dorset   5 Stars
Origin Coffee Selection Pack - Very happy with coffee choices we chose. Descriptions are very good. Recommended. Will be using again very soon.

Reviewer: K McCormick from Fife   5 Stars
Kopi Luwak (Civet Cat Coffee) - Initially bought Kopi Luwak as a Christmas present. Slightly more expensive than the other varieties but ideal for a special occasion or treat - Recipient loved it! Was impressed with speed of delivery, and recently ordered Sumatra Mandheling, again for a present. Although I received a different coffee to what was ordered, I decided to just keep it. On notifying The Love of Coffee, they sent me the correct one as well, at no further cost. Great customer service!

Reviewer: Sally from London   5 Stars
Coffee & Chicory - Lovely coffee with a chicory flavour. Yum!

Reviewer: Dawn from Devon   5 Stars
Origin Coffee Selection Pack & Blended Coffee Selection Pack - Ordered a range of different course ground coffees, have tried 2 so far and can easily give 5* for the coffee and the quick delivery! Website easy to move around and find the coffee you are looking for.

Reviewer: Keith from Lancs   5 Stars
Kopi Luwak (Civet Cat Coffee) - Excellent with speedy delivery.

Reviewer: Alistair from Scotland   5 Stars
Blue Mountain Jamaica, Ethiopian Sidamo & Ethiopian Yirgacheffe - Delicious, fresh coffee at a reasonable price. Loved the flavour and aroma of Blue Mountain Jamaica, Ethiopian Sidamo and Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. Will certainly be buying from The Love Of Coffee again and can't wait to try different coffees. Delivered the next day too, brilliant service. Thanks.

Reviewer: Shaun from Derbyshire   5 Stars
Kopi Luwak (Civet Cat Coffee) - Great product, great price, immediate delivery.

Reviewer: Sarah from Langford, North Somerset   5 Stars
Indian Monsoon Malabar, Sumatran (Organic & Fairtrade), Kenya Peaberry and Colombian (Organic & Fairtrade) - As ever great coffee, prompt delivery and excellent value.

Reviewer: Paul from Southampton   5 Stars
Freedom Blend (Blended Coffee) - Excellent delivery, very quick. I've only tried the Freedom blend so far which is okay. Looking forward to trying the others I've bought.

Reviewer: Simon from Hampshire, UK   5 Stars
Indian Monsoon Malabar - Wow, what a coffee. The Extra Strong option is a must! I tried both strengths and loved them both, however the Extra Strong was the winner. A Rich, dark and flavoursome coffee that will wake you & cure the worst hangover you have! I will be buying again.

Reviewer: Olive from Lancing, West Sussex   5 Stars
Kopi Luwak (Civet Cat Coffee) - I have used this Company for about 4 years now as our future Son in Law loves the Civet Coffee. I had a problem completing my online order this time and within minutes someone called me and he helped me through the process. It was brilliant and the coffee arrived the very next day. Wouldn't want to try anywhere else, they are so kind and very very helpful. "The Love of Coffee" I will be back very soon.

Reviewer: George from Belfast   5 Stars
Mocha Java Blend, Mountain Blend, Directors Blend & Dark Italian Blend - I purchased 4 coffees from you Mocha Java Blend, Mountain Blend, Directors Blend and Dark Italian Blend. The only one that wasn't to our liking was the Mocha Java Blend, the reason being that we only drink Black Coffee. It has taken a while to reply to you, we had Coffees open and they had to be used. I will be buying some more Dark Italian from you when I get back from Holiday, it was great Coffee.

Reviewer: Julie from loughborough   5 Stars
Rum (Flavoured Coffee) - Just ground the beans and tried a cup of rum coffee, really nice relaxing taste, lovely after a meal. Would recommend.

Reviewer:Julie from Loughborough   5 Stars
Ethiopian Yirgacheffe - Nice smooth tasting coffee. Enjoying it.

Reviewer: Emma from East Sussex   5 Stars
Origin Coffee Selection Pack - I did a coffee tasting at my church and my clientele LOVED it! It was generally agreed that the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe was the favourite closely followed by the Tanzanian coffee, but the African coffees were much preferred over the South American and Asian coffees. Was really thrilled with the service from The Love of Coffee and have recommended them and will do so again.

Reviewer: Jackie from Surrey   5 Stars
Sumatran (Organic & Fairtrade) - Found the service fabulous. I made an error in my order and you rectified immediately. I've only tried the Sumatran so far and it is yummy.

Reviewer: Rachel from Stafford   5 Stars
Flavoured Coffee Selection Pack - Second multi purchase from this site. Very happy with the quality of the coffee, fresh unlike some others. Well packaged and keeps well over time. Flavours are lovely, with a wide range to choose from. Spoilt for choice! I will keep buying from this seller.

Reviewer: Andrew from Manningtree, Essex   5 Stars
Indian Monsoon Malabar - If you like strong coffee this has to be the one, I love it and will definitely be buying more. Fantastic service from The Love of Coffee company ordered one day delivered the next. I used to buy coffee from my local Delli but not anymore its not a touch near this one.

Reviewer: Thomas from Hartlepool   5 Stars
Speciality Coffee Gift Box - Your product is ideal for me because I enjoy different coffees and the choice that you have is ideal for different tastes, and as soon as I have finished the coffees I have got will be ordering some more.

Reviewer: Naomi from London   5 Stars
Origin, Flavoured and Chocolate Coffee Beans Selection Gift Box
- Bought this as a gift for a friend - arrived on time, beautifully packaged. Haven't tasted the coffee because I gave it away, but it smelt delicious. Would definitely order again.

Reviewer: Elizabeth from Nottinghamshire   5 Stars
Colombian Decaf and Sumatran Decaf (Organic & Fairtrade) - Always good coffee and good delivery service.

Reviewer: Larry from Gloucester   5 Stars
Dark Italian Blend (Organic & Fairtrade) & Papua New Guinea (Organic & Fairtrade) - Great service, product arrived in timely fashion and tastes great.

Reviewer: Aaron from Edinburgh   4 Stars
Dark Italian Blend (Organic & Fairtrade), Atitlan & Antigua - Only just getting into the coffee, so far so good.

Reviewer: Graham from Leeds   5 Stars
Cappuccino Flavoured Chocolate Coffee Beans -
They are really tasty, but in small doses due to the richness.

Reviewer: Natasha from Hampshire   5 Stars
Origin Selection Gift Box - I found it very easy to choose and order the coffees. However I then discovered that the person I was sending the coffee too was going away - Sheldon at The Love of Coffee took this totally in his stride, went down to the post room and changed the postage on the parcel from second class to first class and hey presto! The coffee arrived in time. My dad was delighted. I would definitely recommend The Love of Coffee - great selection of coffees, and great personalised service.

Reviewer: Sue from Chichester   5 Stars
Origin Coffee Selection Pack - This trial pack is an excellent idea to allow you to taste new coffees to find one(s) you really like. Service was excellent and I'm enjoying blending the different beans. Will definitely buy again.

Reviewer: Gordon from Ipswich   5 Stars
Kopi Luwak (Civet Cat Coffee) - Excellent service and delivery. Great communications. Loved the chocolate coffee beans too.

Reviewer: Larry from Gloucestershire   5 Stars
Mocha Djimma (Organic and Fairtrade) & Freedom Blend (Organic & Fairtrade) - Great tasting Coffee and speedy delivery service. Opted for the "filter grind" instead of espresso grind this time round as my machine struggled to push the water through. Much better now, get a lovely crema.

Reviewer: Laura from Edinburgh   5 Stars
Flavoured Coffee Selection Pack - Excellent.

Reviewer: Frances from Bedfordshire   5 Stars
Blue Mountain Jamaica, Kona Hawaii & Kenya Peaberry - Excellent service - delivered on the day as promised - just tried and loved it. Great to know that you are dealing with a company who roast the beans to order and then deliver the next day.

Reviewer: Philippe from Bastogne, Belgium   5 Stars
Flavoured Coffee Selection Pack - Great flavoured coffee. Very friendly and Professional service.

Reviewer: Ben from Langley   5 Stars
Plain Dark Chocolate Espresso Flavoured Coffee Beans - These dark chocolate beans are absolutely delicious. So good, in fact, that I've had to give the bag to my wife, and instruct her to strictly ration them to me! Both the coffee and the chocolate are great quality, and they're together in good proportions.

Reviewer: Ben from Langley   5 Stars
Old Brown Java - Having tried a few different coffees from this retailer and others, Old Brown Java has been my favourite so far. It's rich and strong, and nice and smooth made through an Aeropress. I've recently bought a grinder, so hopefully my latest purchase of unground beans will be even fresher and tastier than last time.

Reviewer: Trevor from London   5 Stars
Kona Hawaii - Excellent coffee. Smooth mellow flavour. Easy to order. Quick delivery. What more can I say. Will definitely be reordering.

Reviewer: Steve from Newquay   5 Stars
A World Of Coffee Gift BoxLooking forward to my Dad getting this he's a fresh coffee addict and will love his Father's Day prezzie for sure. Your service was amazing, ordered and shipped out almost instantly. So thank you for your quick dispatch The Love Of Coffee, look forward to smelling the aromas on Fathers Day and most probably buying from you again, many thanx.

Reviewer: Melvinia from Dorset   5 Stars
Kopi Luwak (Civet Cat Coffee) - The coffee was a present for my husband, he was really pleased and said it was a lovely smooth coffee, it was really quick and easy to order and also came within two days! I will use this again and recommend it to every one!! A BIG THANKS!

Reviewer: Mr N Bestwick from South West, UK   5 Stars
Blended Coffee Selection Gift Box - I purchased as a gift and was very pleased with the service. I messed up my delivery address at checkout and they put it right for me. I did look at some of their competitors websites but selected The Love Of Coffee as I found the site well laid out and they have a good company name. I am told the coffee is good and as a coffee lover, I may order again in the future. All round positive experience.

Reviewer: Christine from Derbyshire   5 Stars
Cappuccino (Flavoured Coffee) - I was curious to find out what this coffee tasted like - and it was really good! The flavour and smell of cappuccino comes through beautifully. A great treat if you fancy your coffee a little different!

Reviewer: Christine from Derbyshire   5 Stars
Caribbean Rum (Flavoured Coffee) - I love rum in my coffee and wanted to try this rum flavoured blend of course. I have to say I love it as both the great coffee and rum taste comes through so well. Yum!!

Reviewer: Christine from Derbyshire   5 Stars
Cappuccino Flavoured Chocolate Coffee Beans - YUMMY!!! Can't stop eating them! Worth a try - I insist!

Reviewer: Colin from Bangor   5 Stars
Flavoured Coffee Selection Pack - Second time using The Love of Coffee,won't be the last and not disappointed.First class service and would definitely recommend it to everyone.

Reviewer: Josh from Surrey   5 Stars
Indian Monsoon Malabar & Kopi Luwak (Civet Cat Coffee) - India Monsoon Malabar is still my favourite coffee I've tried, and I thoroughly enjoyed the cat poop coffee too!

Reviewer: Megan from UK   5 Stars
Mountain Blend - I just wanted to leave this quick message to say how much I love your coffee. I particularly enjoy your Mountain Blend, it's absolutely lovely! Thanks for making such high quality and tasty blends and keep up the good work!

Reviewer: Arnold from London   5 Stars
Kopi Luwak (Civet Cat Coffee) - The service I received from The Love of Coffee was just simply great! Ordered 2 days ago (standard delivery), and I am enjoying the coffee today. Now, I am not an expert, and I have tried to make the coffee with the best knowledge I could gather from the internet, still I am sure it would taste completely different if it was done by a barista. Still, the coffee is absolutely great, tastes lovely, and the fact I'm drinking a very rare one makes it even tastier. :)

Reviewer: Julia from West Midlands   5 Stars
Amaretto (Flavoured Coffee), Chocolate Mocha (Flavoured Coffee) & 
Ethiopian Yirgacheffe
Used TLOC for the first time and was very impressed with your service and fast delivery. The choice of coffee is fantastic and the coffees I ordered are wonderful. I will definitely be using you again to purchase. Thank you.

Reviewer: Yvonne from Nelson, Lancashire   3 Stars
Flavoured Coffee Selection Pack - Very good choice of flavors just not as smooth as I like it.

Reviewer: Margaret from Fordingbridge Hampshire   5 Stars
One Of Each Selection Pack - I love a really strong coffee and that is just what I get when I order The Love of Coffee. A wonderful selection to choose from and prompt delivery.Could not ask for anything more satisfying. Well done!

Reviewer: Pamela from St. Helens   5 Stars
Sumatran Decaf (Organic & Fairtrade) - I like my coffee dispensed black and strong from my lovely automatic coffee machine and am fussy about what beans I put in it. I was recently medically advised to give up coffee because of the caffeine.Tried decaff years ago and didn't like the taste so ordering this online was a bit of a gamble. Have only tried the Sumatran so far but it is great - the flavour is still there, silky smooth and tasty. Have hardly noticed the lack of caffeine hit and no doubt in a day or two I won't be able to tell the difference. Order arrived really promptly too. Very happy.

Reviewer: Keith from Birmingham   4 Stars
Origin Coffee Selection Pack - I bought this for my mother and like the idea of selecting your own choices. It arrived on time and she likes the coffee.

Reviewer: Frederick from Merthyr Tydfil   5 Stars
Flavoured Coffee Selection Pack - 1st class quality and excellent service.

Reviewer: Janet from Bramley   5 Stars
Dark Italian Blend (Organic & Fairtrade) - Very quick delivery and this is excellent coffee. Haven't tried second one yet but I'm confident it will be great. Will definitely reorder from The Love of Coffee.

Reviewer: Gavin from Galston   5 Stars
Origin Coffee Selection Pack - Service was quick and efficient. Product was first class. Will be looking to place another order in the very near future.

Reviewer: Shane from County Antrim   5 Stars
Kopi Luwak (Civet Cat Coffee) - I shared a packet of Kopi Luwak with my family on Sunday, AMAZING!

Reviewer: Sophie from Liverpool   5 Stars
Yauco Selecto - Excellent coffee, well packaged and fast delivery. Would recommend and buy again. Thank you! :)

Reviewer: Dave from Saint Neots   5 Stars
Brandy (Flavoured Coffee) & Hazelnut (Flavoured Coffee) - Very nice coffee and good service. Thanks.

Reviewer: Karen from Sheffield   5 Stars
Kopi Luwak (Civet Cat Coffee) - Easy to order, came on time, tasted superb.

Reviewer: George from Fife, Scotland   5 Stars
Amaretto (Flavoured Coffee) - Good product quality, great choice (strength, grind, weight), quick dispatch and delivery. Recommended.

Reviewer: Ber from Scotland   5 Stars
Origin Coffee Selection Pack - Bought 4 different coffees for cafetiere.....the smell just even opening the bag they arrived in was heavenly! Would recommend as fantastic quality. Definitely a five star.

Reviewer: Shane from Surrey   5 Stars
Blended Coffee Selection Pack - All good. I am a repeat customer. I particularly like being able to get the grind that I want.

Reviewer: Paul from Southampton   5 Stars
Indian Monsoon Malabar & Old Brown Java - Indian Monsoon Malabar and Old Brown Java are amongst my favourites. I tried Guatemala Maragogype this time too but haven't enjoyed it as much as the other coffees I've tried from here. Still plenty more types of coffee to try. Great site.

Reviewer: Phil from Scotland   4 Stars
Guatemala Maragogype - This has now become one of my regular purchases. It has a slightly straw-like flavour. It does not have the chocolate-like taste of Sumatran Mandheling (strong) or the richness and strength of Sumatran Ling Tong (strong), but I use it mixed with these when I want something slightly different, but still full-bodied.

Reviewer: Martin from Suffolk   5 Stars
Flavoured Coffee Selection Pack - Have only tried the sticky toffee - very nice flavour, hoping the other 3 flavours will be just as good.

Reviewer: Karen from Ballyronan, NI   5 Stars
Kopi Luwak (Civet Cat Coffee) - We love this coffee, this is probably my 4th purchase! Such a smooth blend, exceptional taste, it's just amazing. I especially love having relatives or friends taste without knowing what it is, my 92 year old grandfathers face was hilarious when I told him what it was, he loved it! Guess thats where my expensive taste came from originally.

Reviewer: Josh from Staffordshire   4 Stars
Flavoured Coffee Selection Pack - I had 4 flavours, Christmas Pudding which was very strange, in a good way though, it's not a taste that I could describe since I've never had a taste like it, but I wasn't really that much for it, not like a Christmas pudding taste. Another was Death By Chocolate, which was very nice, very strong lovely smell of chocolate and a nice, not too strong after taste as well. The third was Salted Caramel, smells lovely but the taste doesn't come through very well. The last flavour was Rum Baba, which I would 100% recommend, smells lovely and has a very smooth taste, not bitter at all, with a great rum after taste. I'll be ordering again from this website, can't wait to try some new flavours.

Reviewer: Jackie from Liverpool   5 Stars
Crema Espresso (Blended Coffee) - Outstanding service. I paid for 2nd class delivery yet my coffee arrived the next day. The crema espresso coffee is gorgeous. It's nice and strong so makes a great latte. Since splashing out on my beloved delonghi bean to cup machine I have enjoyed a few too many coffees so I balance this out with some decaf too. Decaf never tastes as good and the Sumatran decaf is nice but not great for lattes as it's not that strong. I'm looking forward to ordering the 4 pack of mixed espresso coffee next month.

Reviewer: Reed from Beccles   4 Stars
A World Of Coffee Gift Box - Bought as a gift. Recipient very pleased with content. I was very pleased with prompt delivery.

Reviewer: Community Cafe from Essex   5 Stars
Blended Coffee Selection Pack - Great coffee, great service. Really pleased we found you!

Reviewer: Maureen Lu from Liverpool   5 Stars
Blue Mountain Jamaica, Kopi Luwak (Civet Cat Coffee) & Dark Italian Blend - Coffee roasting is very good, gracefully scent.

Reviewer: Paul from West Yorkshire   5 Stars
Origin Coffee Selection Pack - Satisfied with the overall quality of the coffee topped off with good service.

Reviewer: Jason from Norfolk   5 Stars
Sumatra Mandheling & Kopi Luwak (Civet Cat Coffee) - Excellent service for my first foray into the proper world of coffee. After sales service and advice second to none from Sheldon. Fantastic coffee and choice looking forward to my next delivery.

Reviewer: Shelley from Ferryhill, Co Durham   5 Stars
Flavoured Coffee Selection Pack - I've never had flavoured coffee (apart from the Nescafe ones) until I came across this site. So many flavours to choose from but I now have my favourites - Amaretto being the top one! I always start the day with a flavoured coffee and have another one halfway through the day. I'm so glad I came across The Love of Coffee and intend to keep using them.

Reviewer: Ann from Denmark   5 Stars
A World Of Coffee Gift Box - This was a present so I cannot say if the product was good or not. I know it was delivered within the promised time-frame and the recipient was very happy for it.

Reviewer: Richard from Pontefract   5 Stars
Several Cafetiere Coffees -
Very easy site to navigate, use of PayPal at checkout makes for a very simple end to end process. Coffee bags arrived in good time with good packaging.

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Delivering the finest quality freshly roasted speciality coffee to your door. Freshly Roasted, Prepared and Packed on the day your order is dispatched.
Buy online for n
ext day nationwide delivery.

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