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Crema Espresso Blend

Our Price: £3.25
Product Description

100% Arabica

Crema Espresso
Perfect for: Cafetiere / Filter / Espresso

Strength: Strong

Type: Blend

Flavour: A smooth espresso blend which lacks bitterness. Using 6 different coffees and two different roasts gives a heavy tone and nutty aftertaste.

A smooth espresso blend which lacks bitterness and is characterised in flavour by the quality coffees used in its construction. Using 6 different coffees and two different roasts they are blended after roasting. The flavour is dominated by the heavy liquor of Sumatran Lingtong and the nutty tones of Brazilian Santos. This blend can also be used as a strong filter coffee. By far our most popular espresso blend.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: (2019) Graham from Leeds   5 Stars
I'm very impressed with the quality and service that's provided. I'm trying out various coffees in smaller quantities initially. Everybody has different tastes so what some people like would not suit others.

Reviewer: (2018) Leigh from Talybont   5 Stars
Best coffees I have tasted, really fresh, will stick with you for all my coffee orders! Posted quick and customer service was excellent.

Reviewer: (2018) Roger from Cheshire   5 Stars
5***** Service, particularly liked the 100 gram tester bags.

Reviewer: (2018) Graham from Basildon   5 Stars
Excellent delivery. I am working my way through your coffee to find one that I like Will definitely purchase more coffee beans and recommend you to all of my coffee mad friends.

Reviewer: (2017) Mark from Northern Ireland   5 Stars
Really great service I made a mistake in my order but an email by me and it was sorted within the hour.......Coffee is always fresh and arrives well packaged and very fast......working my way through different coffees and its all a matter of taste some I like more than others.

Reviewer: (2017) Lee from Sheffield   5 Stars
Very good service and coffee.

Reviewer: (2017) Leif from London   4 Stars
A great espresso bean that is well suited for Ristretto, espresso and Cappuccino.

Reviewer: (2017) Lisa from Cheshire   5 Stars
Quick service and delivery. Coffee smells strong even before opening the bags.

Reviewer: (2017) Ivan from London   5 Stars
They have a lot of very tasteful coffees. Last time I have bought Crema Espresso. Very nice. Quick delivery.

Reviewer: (2016) Monica from London   5 Stars
My order of 6 coffees arrived, sooner than expected! I've not even opened one yet, as I'm finishing off the beans that I still had, although I'm very tempted to 'break open' one or two anyway! I'm delighted to have found you, although the temptation to try everything is enormous!! So far so great, thanks.

Reviewer: (2016) Ivan from London   5 Stars
Quick delivery and very good choice of different coffees.

Reviewer: (2016) David from Andover, Hampshire   5 Stars
Certainly one of the best blends I have found. Just need to work through the rest of the product line to see if it can be capped! Couldn't fault the service. Ordered on Sunday, delivered on Tuesday.

Reviewer: (2016) Rob from Wirral   5 Stars
If you love coffee, this company is aptly named. Delicious coffee beans at a good price with great turnaround. I will use this service again and again - thanks.

Reviewer: (2016) Stuart from South Devon   5 Stars
Very pleased with the service you have offered. I bought 3 sample bags of coffee beans to try in my new espresso machine. 2 down one to go, so far so good. I will be purchasing from you once I have made my final choice. It's nice to be able to try a small amount when your not sure which one is best for you in the beginning. Thanks very much for a great service, will be back soon.

Reviewer: (2016) Gerald from Norfolk   5 Stars
This was my first purchase in my search for an acceptable cup of coffee at home. The advice I received was invaluable, friendly, knowledgeable and sympathetic. We tried them both and each was excellent. I will certainly return for more.

Reviewer: (2015) Mike from Buckley, North Wales   5 Stars
Excellent product & service. That's why I'm a regular customer.

Reviewer: (2015) Michele from London   5 Stars
A very special thank you for your help and excellent customer service, and also for the very nice coffee that you sell.

Reviewer: (2015) George from Slough   5 Stars
The coffee turned up the next day. I am still working my way through the four different blends which are great so far.

Reviewer: (2014) Jackie from Liverpool   5 Stars
Outstanding service. I paid for 2nd class delivery yet my coffee arrived the next day. The crema espresso coffee is gorgeous. It's nice and strong so makes a great latte. Since splashing out on my beloved delonghi bean to cup machine I have enjoyed a few too many coffees so I balance this out with some decaf too. Decaf never tastes as good and the Sumatran decaf is nice but not great for lattes as it's not that strong. I'm looking forward to ordering the 4 pack of mixed espresso coffee next month.

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