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Costa Rica Helsar (Out of Stock)

Our Price: £3.75
Product Description

Sold Out

100% Arabica

Costa Rica Helsar

Perfect For: Cafetiere / Filter / Espresso

Type: Origin / Speciality

Strength: Strong

Region: Costa Rica - Central America

Filter / Cafetiere: Praline with hints of Pecan Nut and a smooth Maple Syrup like back taste.

Espresso: Strong Praline flavour with caramelised sugar through the body and a pleasant Pecan Nut finish.

Helsar de Zarcero, Finca Santa Lucia

Harvested December - March

Wet Processed

1500 – 1725m

For Filter / Cafetiere

18gm of coffee to 288ml of hot water 92 degrees.

Aroma Notes:
Caramelised Sugar, with a hint of Chocolate.

Tasting Notes: Praline initially with hints of Pecan nut and a smooth Maple Syrup like back taste.

Tactile Note: A vibrant and well balanced cup of coffee, and great all day without being boring.

For Espresso

16gm of coffee to 32ml of hot water 93 degrees.

Aroma Notes:
Praline Chocolate upfront with distinct hints of Pecan nuts.

Tasting Notes: Strong Praline flavour on the front of your palate, with caramelised sugar through the body and a pleasant Pecan nut finish.

Tactile Notes: Great sweetness, suitable for those who have a sweet tooth but don’t want to add sugar to their espresso. Great served through steamed milk as a cortado or flat white.

Ricardo Pérez Barrantes and brothers Marvin and Felipe Rodriguez established Helsar de Zarcero about 12 years ago. The mill began as a way for the three to process coffees from their own farms, and later evolved to become a service for other producers in the West Valley region to create their own micro lots. The micro mill is an essential part of increasing a producer’s access to quality development, the specialty market, and higher prices. A mill is also a huge investment for a small producer - not only does it take money to build, it requires a new skill set with a learning curve and risk. Helsar saw an opportunity to build the micro mill revolution and community in their area by offering a service to other producers growing great coffee, but lacked the means to create their own lots.

Helsar functions like a family. The group of about 40 producers is a tight network, but it’s not a coop. For the most part, each producer’s lots are processed separately so that they may create micro lots to sell to buyers that consist of their coffee alone. Scheduled days and times are allotted to each producer to bring cherry to the Helsar mill to be processed. Most of the coffee is fully washed, but Helsar is also experimenting with some honey processed coffees on drying beds, and a newly built facility for producing cascara - a fruit tea made from the pulp, or skin of the coffee cherry. (More to come on this later!)

Helsar de Zarcero family - Nereo Ramirez and Eliomar Lopez. He had already been farming coffee for more than a decade before working with Helsar, selling his unprocessed cherry to larger buyers for small differentials. During our first trip to Costa Rica almost five years ago, Nereo’s coffee stood out to us on the cupping table. The coffee always has great sweetness and balance - we think it’s a perfect everyday coffee without being boring (because who wants every day to be boring? We want our days to be in balance.)

Nereo, his wife Elida and other members of their family pick all the coffee themselves instead of hiring outside help. He grows almost all Villa Sarchi variety, which is a Bourbon mutation that originated in Costa Rica.


Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: (2019) Allan from Scotland   5 Stars

Great variety of quality coffee. Frequent offers to suit individual tastes. Reliable order and delivery mechanisms. Best company I've used by far .

Reviewer: (2019) Enver from London   5 Stars

Recently bought a bean-to-cup machine and had been trying out a few different online coffee suppliers but having discovered TLOC I keep coming back for their wide selection, high quality, speed of delivery and exemplary customer service (needed an 'emergency' delivery, unfortunately missed the cutoff time for the same-day dispatch but a brief email request and they very kindly obliged, beans delivered next morning). Have enjoyed trying out different coffees and roast/strength profiles - admittedly some have been more to my taste than others but that is, of course, subjective. For what it's worth, my two favourites so far (probably due to their natural sweetness) are Costa Rica Helsar for every day drinking and Panama Geisha Los Lajones which is absolutely delicious but, alas, I need to hide the invoice from Mrs H whenever I order that particular one! ;-). I've already recommended TLOC to fellow coffee enthusiasts at work and I have definitely found my preferred supplier.

Reviewer: (2018) Paul from Norwich   5 Stars

Excellent coffee, I purchased a selection of 100g packs to try a few different flavours, now it's time for the full size. All were well packaged and labelled, and delivery was very good. All in all I think we've found our main supplier from now on.

Reviewer: (2018) Graham from Basildon   5 Stars

Excellent delivery. I am working my way through your coffee to find one that I like Will definitely purchase more coffee beans and recommend you to all of my coffee mad friends.

Reviewer: (2018) Sandra from Stoke-On-Trent   5 Stars

Excellent quality coffee once again thank you.

Reviewer: (2017) Rob from Warrington   5 Stars

Excellent service and excellent coffee. Thanks. In the words of Arnold S, - "I'll be back". :)

Reviewer: (2017) John from Warwickshire   5 Stars

Over the last half dozen years I've obtained coffee beans from a number of subscription based websites. And to be honest I've been generally happy.

Last month a fellow coffee fan recommended The love of coffee, and I'm so glad they did. Great choice, great coffee, great service. I'll be back and have already recommended The love of coffee to others.

Reviewer: (2017) Helen from Romford   5 Stars

Easy and efficient to order. Love the coffee!

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