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Congo Kivu Coffee | Origin | Next Day Delivery

Congo Kivu

Our Price: £3.25
Product Description

100% Arabica

Congo Kivu

Perfect for: Cafetiere / Filter / Espresso

Strength: Full Medium

Type: Origin

Region: Africa -
Democratic Republic Of The Congo

Filter/Cafetiere: Orange initially with a Cane Sugar body and an aftertaste of Lemongrass.

Espresso: Superb Orange acidity upfront with a strong body of Cane Sugar & Bakers Chocolate, has a distinct Spiced aftertaste.

Various Small Holder Farmers

Kahlehe Territory, Lake Kivu

September – January & March – June

Tree Variety

Fully Washed

1500 – 1700 masl

For Filter / Cafetiere

20 grams of coffee to 340 millilitres of water. Temp of Water 92 degrees.

Aroma Notes: Distinct Orange with undertones of Lemongrass.

Tasting Notes: Orange initially with a Cane Sugar body and an aftertaste of Lemongrass.

Tactile Note: A surprising coffee with strong flavour’s, a heavy body and long aftertaste. Gives a distinctly different coffee drinking experience to what normally arrives from Africa.

For Espresso

14 grams of coffee to 30 millilitres of water. Temp of water 92 degrees.

Aroma Notes: Intense Orange with undertones of Lemongrass.

Tasting Notes: Superb Orange acidity upfront with a strong body of Cane Sugar & Bakers Chocolate, has a distinct Spiced aftertaste.

Tactile Notes: Intense flavours medium acidity, strong body and lingering aftertaste. Not for the faint hearted if you like acidic coffee this is the one for you!

Newfound peace in the region has seen farmers planting new coffee trees, and cooperatives such as this one have been set up to help build a much needed coffee infrastructure, as well as to streamline the process of exporting coffee out of the country. There are currently about 1500 coop members, each averaging about 1 hectare of Bourbon planted trees, with growing altitudes between 1500-1700 meters. The coffees are fully washed using a wet mill set up by the coop, and dried on raised beds. Congo coffee often produces a much more rustic cup character than it should, given that it should be similar to the Rwanda coffees from the other side of Lake Kivu. But this lot is actually quite clean given the expectation, with citrus and tea notes which are more in line with coffee from neighbouring countries.

The dry grounds smell complex, an Earl Grey tea note that exudes clean, spiced fragrance, along with faint tropical to citrus fruit accents. Adding hot water sees the aroma in full bloom, malt sugar smells and cooked fruit filling, the smells span a wide range of characteristics, showing a rustic side too. When hot, the sweetness also comes across a bit rustic, like molasses or even raw cane juice, and with apparent citrus acidity. The latter is a nice surprise, in that acidity is often lacking in Congo coffee. But flavours of kumquat and orange accentuate the brightness sensed in the cup, especially at lighter roast levels, and helps to prop pungent fruited notes of dry papaya and tamarind as the coffee cools. The mouthfeel has a pleasant bitterness in the finish, like what you'd expect from orange zest or stone fruit skins, and the aftertaste shows an herbaceous highlights of sweet basil and lemongrass.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: (2020) Rob from Somerset   5 Stars

I prefer strong coffees with milk, so this being a milder coffee surprised me as I didn''t expect to like it too much. Sure enough the initial taste was milder than what I would normally prefer, but it had a nice chocolatey and citrusey finish. However, the more I drank, the stronger the taste seemed to be. It really seemed to change from a mild, well balanced coffee, to a much stronger one tasting of Terry's chocolate orange. This has been the same with every cup I've had. A really interesting taste experience.

Reviewer: (2019) Robert from Hertfordshire   5 Stars

An excellent mild flavoured coffee with a pleasant short term after taste.

Reviewer: (2017) Richard from East Sussex   5 Stars

The service from TLOC is excellent, my last order I did not order what I needed, one phone and it was rectified very good customer service. The bean Congo Kivu, with V60 it was OK but cafetiere, it was outstanding.

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